Voxativ9.87 with AC-Xp Field CoilusedVoxativ 9.87 with AC-Xp Field Coil DriversThis system is priced to sell. I will not consider further negotiation. I will not consider trade offers. Please do your diligence before you contact me.The cash price is final. Please read my feed...25500.00

Voxativ 9.87 with AC-Xp Field Coil Drivers [Expired]

no longer for sale

This system is priced to sell. 

I will not consider further negotiation. 

I will not consider trade offers. 

Please do your diligence before you contact me.

The cash price is final. 

Please read my feedback. 20 years as a member. 

Call  +1 612 817 1599 and ask for Rick Brown at Hi-Fi One in Carlsbad, California.  

Website: [email protected]  Sign up for my newsletter on the site. 
Included is a pair of perfectionist $5,000 filters made by Arian Jensen of Sonorus Audio (https://sonorusaudio.com) to filter out non-linearities in the critical 4.5k to 5k region.

One channel of the field coil “satellite” speaker is scratched at the base. See the pictures. The clowns at UPS did this in shipment. It can be repaired at any automotive paint shop. This is not a big deal or high-cost repair. The other three pieces are 9/10 condition.    

These one owner piano black speakers were brand new Q1 2019, and have not been played since. They are not electrically broken in. They come with the factory cables, N1 linear power supply to energize the field coil drivers and the AC-Xp field coil drivers. 

Make no mistake, these field coil speakers are comprehensively superior to the standard (not field coil) speaker J. Valin reviewed in the Absolute Sound. This is a true perfectionist pair of full-range super-efficient loudspeakers.    

Other considerations:  
1. Only the loudspeakers depicted in the main picture are being offered for sale, not the Audio Note Kondo Kagura amplifiers or anything else depicted in the picture.. 
2. The second picture is one field coil speaker channel in its box and cling film wrapped. 
3. The third, fourth, and fifth picture is field coil speaker number two in its open box, partially cling wrapped with the scratched base.  
4. The sixth and seventh picture is the Sonorus filter for each channel of the system.

Acceptable payments:

1. Wire transfer

2. Direct deposit into my business account at a major bank

If you have read this far, thank you for your interest.


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