Von Schweikert AudioVR-8 best speakers out thereusedVon Schweikert Audio VR-8 best speakers out thereI sell my bellowed VR-8. I have too many speakers waiting to be installed. The speakers are one of the best ever produced and will be produced. Only few lucky had a chance to listen these at home ...6500.00

Von Schweikert Audio VR-8 best speakers out there [Expired]

no longer for sale

I  sell my bellowed VR-8. I have too many speakers waiting to be installed. 

The speakers are one of the best ever produced and will be produced. Only few lucky had a chance to listen these at home set up and all who had- never forget the experience. 

This pair was originally purchased by one of Vegas casino owner- never abused, and was taken good care of. Sonically speakers are in perfect operational condition.

If you are familiar with Von Schweikert special shrink type lacquer- You know how lacquer finish look. The grills are all good - no tears or other damage. All terminals on the back are good, all drivers are good too. I have 2 damping devise on top of each speaker that I can throw in if needed ($800 value).

The cables are not for sale.

The speakers are #235 and #236

 VR-8 Specifications

·         Crossover frequencies: Virtual one-way design, using full range drivers as "main" system, augmented at sub-bass and treble frequencies. The frequencies chosen, 100Hz and 3.5kHz, are well outside the ear’s most sensitive range, allowing full midrange coherency without driver overlap.

·         Bass system: 13" sub-bass and 10" midbass high efficiency, cast frame drivers using extremely stiff and lightweight paper cones, large 4" voice coils, and huge 6,000 gram magnets. Separate aperiodically vented enclosures are tuned to a sixth order Chebychev alignment which features transient response speed enhancement due to magnetic overdamping and 100% stuffing fill.

·         Midrange system: Twin 5.5" cast frame full range drivers, featuring woven carbon fiber diaphragms, edge-wound ribbon voice coils, oversized vented magnets, and Norsorex surrounds.

·         Treble system: Titanium inverse dome with dioxide damping layer, phase control plate, transmission line loading, Ferrofluid cooling, and enormous 1200 gram magnetic structure.

·         Ambience retrieval system: Rear firing mid/treble driver (same as front tweeter) with Ambience Derivation Circuit and Spatial Dimensional control for effects level.

·         Frequency response: 16 Hz (with optional filter) to 35kHz , +/-3dB. (Midrange +/-ldB).

·         Inputs: Separate pairs of metal posts for woofer, midrange-treble inputs for biamping or biwiring.

·         Sensitivity: 96dB @ 1W1M anechoic, 100dB measured in room with boundary boost.

·         Impedance: Four ohms nominal rating. High current tube or solid state amps recommended.

·         Power recommendations: Five watts minimum- 1,000 watts maximum peak input.

·         Enclosure design: Two piece stacking type, with wall thickness varying from 1" to 3" using constrained layer damping techniques and cross bracing. Tilting MIT module, Time aligned drivers.

·         Weight: 500 lbs ea.

·         Dimensions: 65" H x 18" W x 28" D.

The speakers were on top of the world for 2 years. Not many people could afford it.

Now when unjustified prices for audio is out of control- you have to pay six figures to get something close, but not better. You can pay $500,000 for Sessarro Acoustic and have bunch of drunken fiddlers at your place, or for fraction of this price have VR-8 along with London Symphony Orchestra visiting you for Christmas.


Sell: $6.500

Zelle, Paypal, MO, Check, Cash, Bank transfer.

 Paypal + 3%

The Speakers are super heavy. They are 500Lb each. To carry or even to load on the track- need at least 3 people.

Local pick up. The speakers are in Tehachapi, California ( 100 miles from Downtown Los Angeles). I could help deliver within 200 Miles from Great Los Angeles area.
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