Tyler AcousticsDecade D20usedTyler Acoustics Decade D20Tyler Acoustics Decade D20 mastering speakers in maple. !!New Lowered Price!! Up for sale here are my fantastic sounding Tyler speakers, the Decade D20. You won't find a great deal of informat...1650.00

Tyler Acoustics Decade D20 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Tyler Acoustics Decade D20 mastering speakers in maple.

!!New Lowered Price!!
Up for sale here are my fantastic sounding Tyler speakers, the Decade D20. You won't find a great deal of information on these beauties online, but there are similarities between these and the D12X, and D2.
These guys are heavy - 175 lbs each, and occupy a good sized footprint - 15"x16".
In terms of height, only 56", so they're not that imposing if you're used to accommodating full-range speakers in your space.    
Before I get into specifics, I have a strong preference for a local demo/pickup or I can deliver within a fairly large radius of VA 23920. This includes most of North Carolina and DC.
I've set the listing as 'Make an Offer', not because I'll entertain some of you lowballers but because I'm going to give preference to someone who can demo these in my home or accept delivery from me in person.    

Those that know Tyler Acoustics and their range of meticulously designed mastering quality speakers, will already know that these punch way, way above their price point. Since Ty sells directly from his website and not through a dealer network, these were originally priced at only $6800. 
It's crazy to think that you can buy anything of this high quality for under $10K, but there you have it - an absolute bargain, particularly given how they sound.   

About the sound - 

My previous speakers (that I still own) are the Dunlavy SC-III. These are how a good speaker should sound, at least down to around 50hz or so where they drop-off fairly sharply (in my room). So my mission was to find a speaker with an excellent crossover design and excellent implementation of multiple drivers that can represent the full frequency range without a subwoofer. That's why I bought the Tylers, they check all my boxes for a great speaker design and implementation.   
They sound transparent. Pulled far enough into the room they create a deep soundstage. With just a couple degrees of toe-in they create a big/wide soundstage well beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers themselves. Even when spaced apart by 12' center to center (the upper limit in my room) they produce a good solid center image. They're one of the few speakers that don't really lean toward a specific musical genre at the expense of others. Play simple acoustic music and the performer is in the room. Go to a large scale orchestral piece and the sound is reproduced with scale and dynamics and excellent delineation of performers on the stage. Rock? No problem, they'll rock and roll with the very best. 
 As far as being 'Mastering' quality. Sure, why not. They're both detailed and revealing without sounding analytical.
I've used them with tubes and they're excellent that way. A pair of Thor 60 watt monoblocks drives them with ease and control, even in the low end where you might expect a tube amp to sound a little loose. My Edge NL10.2 amp with 225 solid state watts really brings these alive at the expense of a little tube liquidity.    

So why sell them? I have my eye on a pair of Apogee Scintilla from a local seller in Northern VA. Before I can do that I need to make some room, and sadly the Tylers and the Dunlavy III's will have to move on.
That said, I'll continue to get great enjoyment from these until they're sold, and if I lose out on the Scintilla in the meantime then I won't lose any sleep. I like the powerful and full-bodied presentation of the Tylers and the complete lack of boxiness. They're a great speaker - come take a listen!

How do They Look? Condition is excellent, the fronts/sides are clean/unmarked and the magnetic grill cloths are in great condition. There’s a very minor imperfection in the veneer on one speaker which can’t be seen unless you go looking for it and It seems that Ty has the reputation of producing cabinets with minor imperfections in the veneer :) it's the reason I didn't go with a 9 rating. They basically look like a set of new speakers and they're looking for a good home.

I do have factory boxes and original foam packaging but would rather not ship. If someone wants these badly enough to pay for shipping then you'll need to arrange it yourself. I can box them and stand them upright on one pallet, but from that point onwards they're down to you and your shipper, including any extra padding and strapping. Otherwise I'll drive them to your door if I can get there and back in a day, for a small fee to cover gas and expenses.

What have I missed? Oh, yeah they do come with spikes. 

Specs from Tyler Acoustics:
2-10" woofers
1-6" midrange
1-1" soft dome tweeter
FR 26-20k
SENS 89db
IMP 8 ohms
SIZE 15x16x56
WT 175 lbs each
List new $6800

Please ask any questions, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 
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