Döhmann AudioHelix One Mk 2 & two Ref CartsusedDöhmann Audio Helix One Mk 2((( Table SOLD ))) : Two arms available ‼️ Both Ref CARTRIDGES available ‼️ New listings made or call for details. =================================================================...35995.00

Döhmann Audio Helix One Mk 2 [Expired]

no longer for sale

((( Table SOLD ))) :

Two arms available ‼️

Both Ref CARTRIDGES available ‼️

New listings made or call for details. 


A Dream set up and one of the finest sounding Analog set up's in the WORLD :

Dohmann Helix One Mk II Turntableas new”, complete with optional second Schroder CB tonearm (two arms), and two (2) Lyra Etna cartridges (one Etna SL for stereo and a second Etna Mono for mono)some say best sounding together.

                 Total MSRP $80,000

     Now only $35,995 till the new yEAR !

                          Truly a Once in a lifetime opportunity... 

As new & very fresh and very beautiful example of one of the finest turntables in existence today, the Dohmann Helix One Mk II turntable.  Since its introduction in 2015, the Helix One has won acclaim world-wide for its uncanny ability to bring you all of the music on those grooves in your beloved LPs -- while silencing the vibrations and noise that are so often the barriers to analog bliss.

Although this unit is barely broken-in, the owner needs to sell it – along with the rest of his audio rig – due to a family medical situation that calls for rapid downsizing.  His loss gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the very best for just half the usual price!   

Michael Fremer reviewed the original Helix One for Stereophile shortly after its introduction, and he introduced the ‘table this way: 

The Dohmann Helix I, looks unlike any other turntable on the marketIts design concept and execution are equally unique, beginning with the integrated MinusK Negative Stiffness isolation platformSimply put, MinusK is a totally passive leaf-spring design that isolates down to 0.5 Hz vertically and 1.5 Hz horizontallyNothing from outside gest inIt wasnt invented for audio applications, but it sure works well under whatever you want to isolate.”

Vinyl lovers sometimes talk about the “noise floor” of a turntable, and the idea is to get the “noise floor” as low as possible so it doesn’t intrude on the music.  With the Dohmann Helix One Mk II, it no longer makes sense to speak of a “noise floor” – this turntable is as quiet as a Swiss CD player!

Comparing the sound of the Helix One to a high-priced German ‘table (the Acoustic Signature Ascona Mk II), Michael Fremer  had this to say:

“[B]oth sound very good – but the Helix lets the music erupt, while the Ascona suppresses attacks and blunts sustains.  The Helix allows both attacks and sustains to be fully expressed.  . . . The Helix I’s tunefulness – its harmonic and rhythmic correctness from top to bottom – was immediately obvious, as was the absence of any identifiable mechanical artifact that could give its sound a specific character.”

The Helix One is bundled with one (1) Captive Bearing (CB) tonearm, designed by Frank Schroder.  The CB arm is a senational match for this ‘table, and it punches far above its modest MSRP of $4K. 

Back to the sound.  Fremer’s review continues:

“I could describe, say, its bottom end as ‘fast and clean,’ but breaking the ‘table’s performance down into pieces would give short shrift to its top-to-bottom coherency – and, because of its exceptional image stability and solidity, would detract from the overall sound’s easy believability and consequent relaxed listening pleasure.”

And if that doesn’t make you yearn for this turntable, well, Michael Fremer summed up his experience with the Helix One this way:

[N]o turntable in my experience comes close to its sonic performance and you are guaranteed to hear your favorite demo LPs, indeed all of your LPs, as you’ve never heard them before – I don’t care what ‘table you use or have heard.”

Fremer’s conclusion?  “[R]egardless of price, the Dohmann Helix 1 is at or near the top of the heap in terms of sound quality.

Finally, please keep in mind that all of the above comments pertain to the original  version of the Helix One.  The unit for sale here is the Mk II version, released in 2019, which includes a whole suite of major upgrades, including:

·       State-of-the-art custom designed Swiss-manufactured high-torque motor

·       Speed is constantly calibrated over 130,000 times per second to deliver precisely 33.33 or 45.15 RPM.

·       User-adjustable speed controls

·       PowerBase with new power supply

·       Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation (NSM)

·       Tri-Modal Platter system (TMP)

·       Edge Damping Ring (EDR)

·       Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier (DLC)

·       High Torque Adjustable Drive (HTAD)

·       High frequency and RF absorption features

·       Carbon fibre top plate (plinth)

·       Advanced composite arm board with carbon fibre top

·       A suspension stabiliser for ease of operation during record changeover

·       Lighting control system and power filtration functions

·       Vacuum-ready functionality

Some other pertinent specifications are as follows:

Width 600mm x Depth 480mm x Height 250mm (Without clamp or tonearm)
Width 23.6 inches x Depth 18.9 inches x Height 9.8 inches (Without clamp or tonearm)

Combined shipping weight is 105Kg (232 pounds) in a custom road case.
Recommended installation requires a surface capable of supporting up to 95Kg (210 pounds) and be a minimum of 620mm W x 500mm D (24.4 inches wide x 19.7 inches deep) for the isolation platform to be able to move freely.


The MSRP for the Helix One Mk II turntable is $65,000, which includes one (1) Schroder CB tonearm and of course does not the optional second tonearm or any cartridgte(s).

 ver in those transformers!), but the sound quality is at least twice as glorious.  With the additional tonearm and the two Lyra cartriges, the MSRP is approximately $80,000.


The owner has meticulously cared for his Helix One Mk II turntable, and it is in extremely minty condition.  It has seen light use, as the owner has been out of state on medical travel 50% of the time for the last two years.  It was upgraded to Mk II status by Mark Dohmann himself in late June of 2019.  The owner also commissioned a custom $400 dust cover to protect it from dust (see photos).  This ‘table has performed flawlessly and has never had any issues at all – although it has kept the owner up late at night listening to records when he should have been catching up on his sleep!  Both Lyra Etna cartridges also have very, very few hours on them.

The Helix One Mk II ships in its original factory packing materials (a bullet-proof road case strapped to a wooden pallet, along with the optional $400 custom dust cover.

Any questions, just ask!  Many thanks for looking.


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