Carver Amazing Platinum Mk. IVusedCarver  Amazing Platinum Mk. IVA like new pair of Carver Amazing Platinum Edition Mk IV speakers, completely restored with all new original spec 12" OEM woofers (8 total) and flawless Carver 60" ribbon driver's. These were the o...2400.00

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Carver Amazing Platinum Mk. IV [Expired]

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A like new pair of Carver Amazing Platinum Edition Mk IV speakers, completely restored with all new original spec 12" OEM woofers (8 total) and flawless Carver 60" ribbon driver's. These were the original factory Oak finish pair, with the newly installed drivers tested & working perfectly. The original Platinum Mk IV crossovers have been upgraded with superior quality components by former Carver Corp. head service tech. The upgrades included new electrolytic capacitors, inductors, resistors, and L pad level controls on the rear panel level controller replacing original x-over components (24 total).

STRENGTH: No sub-woofer needed. The bass output capability of these speakers is incredible, with the 60" planar ribbon magic operating from 120 Hz to beyond 20 kHz.

WEAKNESS: Time consuming to set up properly. Large room required for optimum performance. Recommended power 350 watt per channel or greater.

I am the original owner of these Platinum, Mark IV speakers, originally purchased directly from the owner of Simpson Electronics in Alexandria , LA. This pair originally shipped to Simpson Electronics, as the Platinum Mk III version, with new Mk IV crossovers purchased directly from Carver and installed by current owner (minor voicing parts changed by Bob Carver between the Mk III & Mk IV x-over). The original OEM Mk IV crossovers have had components upgraded as stated above, and installed when the original woofers were replaced using all new original OEM Dynavox 12" woofers. The sound of these speakers is incredible, you really have to hear them, if properly set up, to believe them. Because of my wide taste in music, I wanted a speaker that would sound delicate with classical music and capable of producing the wide dynamics without flaw, and that would also give that live experience to rock music with the bass articulation necessary for holographic Jazz. In other words, I wanted the best possible speaker available that didn't break the bank. I looked long and hard and finally ended-up with the Carver Amazing Platinum speakers listed here for sale. These speakers, in my opinion, are some of the best speakers ever made. I know there are some amazing $100,000+ speakers out there, but lets be realistic, how many would be willing to spend, let alone afford, speakers at these stratospheric price levels. I have auditioned many of the the latest Dipole planar speakers and determined the Carver's to be preferable, producing superior articulation in the bass, with far greater definition and power output. These Carvers are truly a full range speaker and take plenty of power when playing loud passages. If and when you ever have the opportunity to purchase a clean and well cared for pair of these speakers, buy them without hesitation (especially if newly restored with original OEM drivers). You will not regret it.

BAS Alvin Foster's comprehensive review:

Audio Critic Review:                                                                                                                                                                                                          Original boxes; Owner's manual; Carver service manual; Carver published White Paper explaining why they sound so good, and technical explanation on design of open baffle planar woofers; technical articles and independent 3-rd party reviews by Boston Audio Society, The Audio Critic, etc.
Carver published specifications - Frequency response: 22 Hz to 40kHz -3.0 dB from reference; Impedance: Nominal 8 ohms; Maximum SPL: 113 dB symphonic music power spectrum, 110 dB rock music power spectrum. Crossover: Ribbon operates full range to 40 kHz, subwoofer augments ribbon below 120 Hz. Recommended amplifier power: Up to 750 watts per channel, 35 watts minimum (not recommended). Weight 110 Lbs. each. Dimensions: 30" W x 10" D x 66" H.

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