Volti VittoraHorn Spks & Volti pr, ELF subs & ampsusedVolti Vittora Horn Spks & Volti pr, ELF subs & amps( ( ( S O L D ) ) )As new: Factory crated /// Volti Audio Vittora Horn-Loaded Speakers, complete with Volti Stereo (TWO Pieces) ELF Subwoofers & Dedicated Marchand MB42 Subwoofer Amps: ...19500.00

Volti Vittora Horn Spks & Volti pr, ELF subs & amps [Expired]

no longer for sale

( ( ( S O L D ) ) )

As new: Factory crated /// Volti Audio Vittora Horn-Loaded Speakers, complete with Volti Stereo (TWO Pieces) ELF Subwoofers & Dedicated Marchand MB42 Subwoofer Amps:

                        Total MSRP:  $40,000          Now: $19,500

                                       No low offers considered.

     Special opportunity:  Selling for a client shipping directly from Maryland.

Also available separately: we have the rare find, the amplifiers being used with these world class horn speakers, Jeffery Jackson Custom GM-70 CopperMesh mono's with custom SRA Isolation bases regularly $80,000 now only $27,000 (see other Audiogon ad).

Here we have a truly beautiful example of one of the all-time bargains in high-end speakers:  the 3-way, fully horn-loaded Volti Vittoras, complete with matching Volti ELF subwoofers and dedicated Marchand MB42 subwoofer amplifiers.  The Vittoras are a feast for the eye as well as a joy to the ears, and they have won acclaim from has won acclaim world-wide for its revelatory way of extracting music from those grooves in your LPs.  Their uber-high-efficiency (105dB) mean you can drive them easily with just a few watts of amplifier power, allowing you to choose the amps of your dreams!

Although the Vittoras are the keystone of his entire system, the owner needs to sell them – along with the rest of his audio rig – due to a family medical situation that calls for rapid downsizing.  His loss gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the very best for barely half the usual $40K price!   

Part-Time Audiophile raved about the Vittoras, explaining what they can do that few others can even attempt:

There is something that high-sensitivity loudspeakers, and a horn speaker specifically, does better than any otherFor lack of a better word, I call itease.”  Its this effortless quality that simply isnt present in todays ultra-mega speakers from whatever manufacturerWith a good horn, the sound can physically move youthat is, the dynamic swings can be so huge and happen so fast that youll finally come to terms with the sayingjumping out of your skin.”  Its just insaneAnd if youre a horn guy, this may be the thing that keeps you from ever seriously considering a Magico or Verity or MBL loudspeakerDont get me wrong, those loudspeakers can be breathtaking -- but nothing jumps like a horn except a hornIts a thing apartWith the Vittora, I finallygot it.””

Stereophile’s Art Dudley was even more impressed:

After a few weeks with the Vittora, I find myself convinced by the naturalness, momentum, and force that it found in every record I playedThis is surely one of the finest horn-loaded speakers made in the U.S.”

Finally, Dudley concluded:

Considered as a music-playback device, I endure in thinking that the Vittora is an exceptional valueThere are other excellent loudspeakers that perform in a similar manner and cost considerably less . . . .  But to find another new speaker that delivers this combination of scale, impact, openness, freedom from overt distortions, and sheer, consistent listenability, one must spend considerably more than [the cost of the Vittoras].”

For those who enjoy “tweaking,” the Vittoras ship with a set of additional resistors, and the manufacturer’s detailed instructions for how the sound can be subtly “shaped” by swapping the factory default resistors.  

The owner has meticulously cared for these speakers and amplifiers, never over-driving them.  They have performed flawlessly with no issues at all.  The gorgeous woodwork by Greg Roberts of Volti Audio is in beautiful condition.  If any tiny scratches or blemishes exist here, you would need a magnifying glass and a bright light to hunt for them.

The Volti Vittora speakers and ELF subwoofers ship via freight in their 4 original bullet-proof wooden packing crates, along with owner’s manual, set-up instructions, etc.  The Marchand B42 subwoofer amps ship separately via FedEx.


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