MelcoN1A/2newMelco N1A/2 4TB server w/ FREE $1300.00 Drive Stereophile Class A+Melco N1A MK2 server w/ dual 2TB drives & ...2495.00

Melco N1A/2 4TB server w/ FREE $1300.00 Drive Stereophile Class A+ [Expired]

no longer for sale

                               Melco N1A MK2 server w/ dual 2TB drives                                                                                                          &
                                             FREE $1295.00 CD Drive                                                           Stereophile Class A+ rated
                                   Two packages to sell at this deal.

The Melco N-1A MK2 is a great sounding server with dual two 2TB internal drives. We were blown away by its performance at the price. It is Stereophile Class A+ rated.

  Buy a N1AMK2 Get a Free $1295.00 D100 CD ripper/player

The audio division of Japanese manufacturer Melco—the parent company of the ginormous computer-peripheral manufacturer Buffalo Incorporated—has been resurrected as a maker of networked audio components. The new N1A server, which Melco calls a High Resolution Digital Music Library, contains 4TB of (Seagate) internal storage, the contents of which can be converted to analog by means of Ethernet connection to a network (or direct to a network player), or USB connection to a USB DAC. (Direct-connected network players must offer a hardware-based means of controlling playback.) Using an NDK ultra-low-jitter clock, the N1A also reclocks all data before scooting it on its way. As ML put it,

"The Melco N1A Buffaloed my combination of MacBook Pro and Synology NAS. It destroyed them, embarrassed them, gave them a good schooling. Music sounded obviously—frighteningly—more refined, more spacious, and more natural through the N1A. End of story. I can't imagine anyone in this universe who does nothing else while listening to music making the same comparison and not hearing this difference." (Vol.39 No.3 WWW)

‣ plug-n-play audiophile music server

‣ designed for high quality audio without compromising functionality

‣ 4TB capacity (2x2TB 3.5” HDD)

‣ Custom Twonky server software

‣ Ravenna protocol support

‣ easy backup of internal drives

‣ easy auto-importing of USB drives

‣ easy auto-importing of CD audio discs

‣ easy setup with direct connection for network players or USB-DAC, no computer required

‣ dedicated USB port for connection to USD-DAC ‣ ‘Player’ ethernet port for direct connection to network player, ‘LAN’ ethernet port for communication with home network

‣ supports up to 32 bit/384KHz PCM & 5.6MHz double rate DSD, when supported by DAC/streamer

‣ front panel USB 3.0 for fast importing

‣ improved isolation

‣ improved power supplies

‣ improved internal cable routing

‣ copper output strapping

‣ transformer isolated ethernet ports

‣ separate power supply circuit for ethernet

‣ audio-grade ultra low jitter data clock

‣ external expansion and backup via USB

‣ weight: 15.5 lb. (7Kg.)

‣ dimensions (inc feet): 17.2” W x13.9” D x 2.8”  H

‣ available in black or silver


    Sale $2499.00 & Free $1295.00 D100 drive

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