Emerald PhysicsKC II Pro CarbonnewEmerald Physics KC II Pro Carbon-Limited Edition-Save $2400.00Emerald Physics KC II Pro Carbon Only 1 pair left in the gorgeous Rosewood finish that is a normal $1500.00 upgrade Limited Edition-Only 10 pair were made Save $2400.00 plus get th...2199.00

Emerald Physics KC II Pro Carbon-Limited Edition-Save $2400.00 [Expired]

no longer for sale

           Emerald Physics KC II Pro Carbon

Only 1 pair left in the gorgeous Rosewood finish that is a normal $1500.00 upgrade Limited Edition-Only 10 pair were made Save $2400.00 plus get this last pair in the $1500.00 Rosewood finish for only $200.00 additional. Amazing sound for this price Only 1 Rosewood pair left.

Start with our $4000.00 KC II Pro in black powder coat finish without the BOM.   Then add a custom set of 10" carbon fiber woofers for more speed and detail, like our higher end EP models, to match the state of the art Neo Polyester tweeter and midrange. Then make a limited run of only 10 pair and sell them for only $1999.00. This last pair has the gorgeous $1500.00 Rosewood finish for $2199.00.
                          Add a BOM for only $199.00 with this limited deal.          

      $2199.00 pair in Rosewood delivered in the lower 48 

                             List $5,500.00

                                       Save $3,200.00              

The KC II Pro is a step up from our least expensive speaker and sets a new standard in value in high end loudspeakers. The KC II Pro adds our state of the art Polyester tweeter from our top models and upgraded crossover to the KCII. They are is 93Db efficient, run off of one amp and do not need DSP to sound great. At $4,000.00 they come in the standard black powder coat finish.

Sorry, Not interested in trade deals for this pair.

These new Limited Edition Carbons add dual 10 inch carbon fiber woofers like out top of the line models for more speed and detail.

In the first review in Audiophilia of the standard KC II they summed with: 

"The trickle down technology from the top Emeralds like the EP-2.8s to the new KCII is very effective. You'll get both very sweet and dynamic sound, transparency, a beautifully balanced midrange and a solid low end all for a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended."

"It is with great pleasure that we award the Audiophilia Star Component Award to
the Emerald Physics KC II Open Baffle Speaker. Congratulations! – Ed

Read the entirereview at:


Only 8 pair left at this great price.

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