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The Absolute Sound


Winner of the prestigious Absolute Sound 2017 Editors' Choice Award


The Absolute Sound rates the INT-250 as the best integrated amplifier available today. Here in their own words, is just a small segment of what they said in their review:

“A force to reckon with, the muscular INT-250— equipped with 250Wpc and 500Wpc into 4 ohms—embodies effortless dynamics, an ultra-wide bandwidth, superb low-end control and grip, along with effortless, unpretentious highs. Remarkable, too, is the INT-250’s lush midrange that pushes a loudspeaker to the very edges of its performance envelope. With musicality that is second-to-none it operates at the outer limits of what’s currently possible in today’s integrated amplifier marketplace.”





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Here is what Stereophile said in their review of the INT-250s little brother, the INT-60:

“The INT-60's dominant trait was to suck me in and glue me to my seat as it continued to reproduce music with so much low-key flavor, natural color, and more-ishness that I could never play just one record and go to bed early.

The INT-60 was not too anything: never too bright, dark, bland, or spicy, never too wet or dry. It always sounded relaxed and balanced. It could play softly and quietly, and rhythms would still sparkle and jump. It could crash a train and not break a sweat. It kept a steady hand on the amp/speaker interface. It felt infinite and invisible. It got out of the way. It did everything right—or, at least, what I imagine "right" to be. It transcended all notions of tubes vs solid-state. It was everything I expected from the House of Taoist Masters, aka Pass Laboratories, Inc., and much more.”





The Pass Labs INT-250 has a long list of unique technical features, that are readily available to read about in their product literature or online. But in the real world, there is one particular feature that I would like to elaborate on. The INT-250 has a superb digital volume displays that is truly usable and easily readable from your listening position, or even from another room.

The digital display, showing the volume level, which is delineated in increments from 0 to 63, is invaluable for being able to fine tune the volume to the perfect level – for instance 42. Thus allowing you to easily return to that precise volume level, every time that song or album is played. It also enables you to know, just how loud your music is being played.

Each of the 63 digits on the display represents a 1dB change in volume. It’s quite surprising how a 1 or 2 digit change in volume can influence many of the characteristics of the sound of the music. The rugged metal remote control unit will change the volume in 1 digit increments, with each press of the button. Or you can simply hold the button down for large changes in volume. Of course you can also adjust the volume using the huge volume control wheel on the amplifier.





This particular INT-250, I purchased new, less than 2 years ago. The amplifier is all original, has not been repaired or modified in any way, and sounds just the way it did when new. Since I have always had multiple stereo systems, this INT-250 has had light use.

The INT-250 up for sale here, is rated at 9 out of 10. Audiogon's rating guidelines preclude a 10 out of 10 rating, for any item more than one year old. If that were not the case, I would rate this amplifier as a 10.

The amplifier is in pristine, perfect condition, both Sonically and Mechanically. Cosmetically, it appears perfect, as well, with no scratches, marks, or blemishes.

As the original owner, I personally unboxed the item, and placed it in its listening position, where it has remained until now. I am quite meticulous about my things (my wife would say anal). Please see the photos.

The amplifier has never fallen, been involved in any type of accident, or been mistreated in any way. It has been modestly used, at reasonable listening levels, and cared for by me personally, their one and only user.

Additionally, it has always been protected from sunlight, and resides in my non smoking, climate controlled home.

The only reason this amplifier is for sale is that I just upgraded this entire stereo system, to a substantially more expensive set of components.

Included in the sale in addition to the Pass Labs INT-250 amplifier is the original Pass Labs Shipping Carton; the original Pass Labs Remote Control Unit; the original Pass Labs power cable; and the original Pass Labs User Manual.





All Pass Laboratories products purchased new from an authorized Pass Laboratories dealer in North America are covered by a transferable, limited 3-year warranty. This warranty includes all parts and labor charges incurred at the factory or factory specified repair facility, exclusive of any subsequent or consequential damages.



INT-250 Specifications


Gain (db)                                           30/36

Power Output /ch (8 ohm)                250

Input lmpedance,(Kohms)                 45

Class                                                 AB

Leaves Class A @ pk Watts              15

Power Consumption (W)                  375

Volume Control                                 63

Digital Volume Indicator                   Yes

Inputs                                                4

Dimensions (W x H x D)          19” X 9” X 21.25”

Unit Weight (LBS)                             105

Remote                                             Yes

Outputs                                             2

Ship Weight (LBS)                            125




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