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ADD-POWR SYMPHONY EMF Conditioner [Expired]

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                  New Year, New Price!

                      Sound and Video 

Like You've Never Heard or Seen Before!  

ADD-POWR is Algorithm Digital Defined electrical energy and                                                power.

        Energy is added to electrical signals and systems. 

The Symphony generates low frequency electromagnetic fields  to affect harmonic energy change to audio signals and systems. 

The Symphony "tunes" the audio signals to extract the maximum in harmonic tonality from your audio system.

The Symphony Standard is an upgraded EM field conditioner with proprietary induction circuitry. 

  • Includes 6 common mode coil antennas
  • External DC transformer 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz adapter. Please specify region of use.
  • New feature! Includes external 8' wire antenna for optimal performance!

Coherence Systems founded Quantum Products which developed designs for leading high end manufacturers. 

A few testimonials: 
"The effect (Sorcer) is dramatic. It takes a flat plain and makes it more expansive. Things tend to sound more separate and individual with the edges' trails not blurred. Things seem wider left to right but not in an odd way. Deeper from front to back. It can be a bit overwhelming, it takes a renewed approach to mix with it, because that is what you get more of. Thanks, Bill." 
-- Bernie Becker, Mastering engineer, Becker Mastering

"The  Sorcer brought a new level of focus in the imaging and warmth to my system. Moving it to different outlets in my studio allowed my to optimize its performance. I have yet to find a piece of gear that doesn't benefit from the effects of the Sorcer. Best, Gerhard."  -- Gerhard Westphalen, Mastering Engineer, Westphalen Mastering

"Installed the second unit. Improved sound just like you said (cumulative). Sound is more real  -  more natural. It sounds effortless and less distorted. More detail.  Lyrics are easier to understand (intelligibility). Sound stage is bigger. Thanks for inventing this stuff." -- Chris S., audiophile

"Clarity, macro and micro-dynamics are, well, more dynamic. Imaging is more focused, sound-staging larger, and leading edge transients sharper. All of the musical frequencies become cleaner, clearer AND more musical. There seem to be no trade-offs with the Sorcer. Some power conditioners allow one's system to offer up a huge sound-stage at the expense of dynamics or image placement. Some reveal more detail but are edgy or fatiguing ( a sign of Teflon capacitors). The Sorcer does no harm, it removes noise, and leaves dynamics, imaging, and sound-staging alone while creating a beautiful, musical soundscape to immerse yourself in. This thing is scary good.

The whole experience was eye opening, educating me on the fact that there was still more information/music to be revealed in the source material. But to do it in such a way as to unleash dynamics and leading edge transients with such clarity, without edginess, THAT is something I had never heard before.
It's now been a several months with the Sorcer in the system, and I still love it. It still makes me want to just sit and listen for hours. I am immersed in music that is clear, lively, and magical. I have now lent my Sorcer to a few of my very best customers, with reference level systems. We are talking Magico 7's, Wilson Alexandrias, and commensurate level components. They had power conditioning and tweaks already. They were all impressed, and all who have tried the Sorcer have bought at least one (yes, two customers actually ordered two due to the large size of their listening rooms). I don't care what level your system is at, the Sorcer will take it higher. Before you buy anything else for your audio system, you owe it to yourself to try the ADD-Powr products. You won't regret it." 

Mike Garner, TweekGeek     Blog (Tweek Geek Speek) 2019

  • Uses less than 5 watts of power
  • Adds .5 - 1.5 dB of signal gain 
  • Used by pro mastering engineers
  • No current limiting / No filtering

30 day money back guarantee!

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