Waversa Systems IncorporatedDAC3 MkIIusedWaversa Systems Incorporated DAC3 With Newly updated MKII boards - RARELY OFFERED USED - ONE OF THE WORLD'S PREMIER DACS - WORLDWIDE SHIPPINGWORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.CLOSING SECOND ROOM SO EVERYTHING MUST GO INCLUDING this stunning Waversa Systems Incorporated DAC3 with new updated MKII boards and the latest firmware. Little has to ...3800.00

Waversa Systems Incorporated DAC3 With Newly updated MKII boards - RARELY OFFERED USED - ONE OF THE WORLD'S PREMIER DACS - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING [Expired]

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CLOSING SECOND ROOM SO EVERYTHING MUST GO INCLUDING this stunning Waversa Systems Incorporated DAC3 with new updated MKII boards and the latest firmware. 

Little has to be said about sound and build quality of the Waversa DAC3 MkII.  It is internationally renowned as one of the world's finest Dacs for its soundstage, liveliness, detail, bass delivery and overall organic quality.  It sounds as much like live music as probably any DAC you’ll ever hear. 

Or as reviewer Vade Forrester said in the March 2018 edition of soundstageultra: 

"The Waversa Systems WDAC3 MkII is beautifully designed and built, and as jewel-like as any hi-fi component I’ve seen. It has many advanced operating features, and a front-panel display that can be read from the other side of a large room. I’d heard that using an Ethernet input for your DAC could sound much better than the ubiquitous USB input, and the WDAC3 proved that to be true. Through its Ethernet input in particular, the WDAC3Mk.II sounded as good as it looks: spectacular."


ONS, the Spanish high-end audio magazine said: "This model of Waversa spares nothing, and this translates into a full sound in every way, of such a level that it is very complicated to find some but, being already a matter of personal preferences and preferences. 

The tonality offered by this DAC despite not having valves, and especially if we choose the output option through a transformer, is very natural and "organic." Located at an earlier point in terms of warmth compared to the TotalDAC D1 Integral, which offered a sound with less weight, more airy and with more trimmed treble at the end than the WDAC3.

This Waversa opts for a stunning resolution level, which is available at all times without impact on hearing fatigue, something really difficult to achieve.

Sound seems to flow in a more "plumbed" way with greater emphasis on dynamics, weight and contrast. With defined, clear and very well finished ends, everything seems to be under control and very well tied, despite the forcefulness that is sometimes offered. Especially under 100% and 75% gain, the differences are clear compared to the 50% position that translates into 2.9v output, something more typical of the standard we are used to, from 2 to 3v, which has a softer sound appropriate for some more neutral amplifiers.

When a DAC makes you forget that you are listening to a digital source, it means that part of its conception is a resounding success. This can be achieved by various channels, but the naturalness and absence of roughness is key to achieve it. Other high-end models, read the R2D-based TotalDac, translate it through an airy sound, while this WDAC3 does it with an outstanding tonal balance, and a dense and more frontal sound, with a scene that puts us more into the concert , instead of showing us a big box.

The user can choose a conversion from PCM to DSD256 "on the go", and thus in real time listen to the differences between these two different ways of processing the digital signal. This added to the possibility of choosing gain and outputs by means of a transformer / discrete, makes it the most configurable DAC to the taste that I have been able to test, the caching options are comparable to those offered by a DAC that offers a valve output.

The ease to focus instruments in space, and the ability to represent the height in a recording, are two of the aspects that most engage in this DAC, dense sound that does not go unnoticed.

The articulation of the treble is excellent, and there is no apparent intentional roll-off, since the Waversa sound processor is responsible for removing the jitter and associated roughness that may appear when treating a digital signal, leaving a greater margin of extension without having to resort to a planned fall to keep this area under control. Let's say it is a purer and clearer treble, it shows that it is already treated from the beginning,

If you already have a team of boxes of very high level and you are looking for a DAC that can look from you to you to very fine high-end dishes, the Waversa WDAC3 may be what you are looking for, if you can afford it.

Even with more modest systems, the WDAC3 manages to make a big difference in the set, providing a higher resolution level and a sound density that seems perfect to change those who think that there are no differences in digital decoding from certain levels

A fabulous DAC in every way, luxury and Korean precision in its purest state."


This unit is in excellent condtion, has been used less than 200 hours, and is rated 8/10 only because of minor cosmetic blemishes on the top corners. 

It has been recently sent to the USA dealer who upgraded and optimized it to the latest standard with the most recent firmware, and the unit has a new microSD card and two different manuals. It can be optioned to 110/220v and shipped worldwide.  And that will be done at buyer's request prior to shipment. 

New, the unit by itself (with no added modules) lists for $9,800 U.S. The included modules and their U.S. listprice are:
          Ethernet $980
          Clock 1: $1,200
          Optical $680
          Coaxial: $680. 

A remote (normally a $320 add-on) is included (takes an CR 2032 battery which will also be included). 

The total current list price for the unit, modules,and remote is $13,660.  The unit is loaded and sold as configured.  No modules are for sale independently.   

The asking price of $3,995 is priced to sell.  


Pertinent Specs: 

FPGA based built-in high-endup-sampler(WAP) up-to 1.5MHz/24bit

Dual SABRE based design

Linux 4.9 with 1GHz TI OMAPProcessor ( ARM CORTEX-A8 )

Built-in USB input with 4 optional module input

D/A converting with CDP/DDC via Coaxial, AES/EBU, Optical Input module

File Play with PC/MAC via USB Ports(UAC2 Compliant), DSD256 Support

Network Play via Ethernet module(DLNA Compliant, Roon Ready, WNDR, AirPlay)

DSD256(Native) Support(USB,Ethernet)

Bottom LOGO LED On/Off

PCM Enhancement (Bypass, 1X, 2X,4X, 8X)

Real-time PCM to DSD Converting

Discrete buffer and Transformer buffer selection feature

8 level brightness control for LED Display

4 level Output Gain (25%, 50%,75%, 100%)

WUS(Waversa Ultra Sound) On/Offfeature

Full balanced / Full discreteoutput stage

System Update via Network and SDcard 


The unit has always been in a smoke-free child-free environment. 

The unit will be safely BOXED andINSURED with lots of packing. 

Buyer pays for shipping and insurance. 

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE only to countries where I can get proof of delivery. 

Barring unforeseen circumstances, shipping will go out within 48 hours of wire payment received by my bank. 

Please check my outstanding feedback on Audiogon and purchase with complete confidence. 

NOTE: Seller reserves the right not to sell to buyers with less than excellent feedback. 

Legitimate offers will beconsidered; low-ballers will be ignored. 

Thanks for looking! 


Some may be interested to know the following ADDITIONAL MATERIAL ABOUT THIS DAC and WAVERSA SYSTEMS INCORPORATED: 

As challenges that existed two decades ago remain today, electrical engineers specializing in digital sound reproduction face arduous tasks overcoming these barriers.   Digital audio technologies certainly have evolved to meet these challenges.  Out of South Korea, a company comprised of four engineers approached analog and digital from an entirely new perspective.  Introducing Waversa Systems Incorporated, founded in 2012 by Collin Shin, CEO and lead design engineer.  Dr. Shinhas been acknowledged for many firsts in the computer electronics industry.  With 30 years of developing low noise, jitter canceling chips specific to both medical and military precision critical applications, he recognized these solutions when correctly implemented address these challenges individually, thereby allowing the listener to be enveloped by the music. Waversa DACs have been noted for their delicacy, revealing the fingertip-friction sounds on an instrumental string, or a flat cord on a note, better voice articulation and overall inner detail recreating venue ambiance with such holographic realism the musician can be perceived in the same spot when the listener wanders a room. I remain to find a dac that re-creates thislevel of timbre with such realism that naturally differentiates the uniqueness of each individual instrument when simultaneously paying the same note.

All DAC manufacturers have their own approach to address high frequency noise associated with pulse code modulation. Waversa Systems PCM processing is truly unique in today’s market. Waversa Audio Processor takes a completely unique approach to signal processing by comparing the signal simultaneously from multiple points in virtual space and time and superimposes this information creating a more precise signal reproduction, instead of artificially filling in information and unintentionally creating high-frequency noise that often is perceived as “cold digital sound.”

Unlike the traditional digital audio converters, Waversa uses their-own in house proprietary chip set that synchronizes with the neighboring internal processors, greatly reducing jitter. These Waversa Audio Processors(or WAP) consist of two parallel clocks (44.1 kHz / 48 kHz) thus creating mathematically accurate sampling at higher frequencies to 352 kHz / 384 kHz.

The DAC3 converts PCM to DSD in real-time when CONV(“Conversion”) is selected.  When conversion to DSD is selected, all PCMinput samples are converted to 256 DSD via a custom built internal 5.6 MHzup-sampler and FPGA DSD converter.

The USB interface is implemented through network player hardwareby Waversa Systems and is UAC2 standard compliant.  This provides anextremely clean digital audio signal through complete galvanic isolation, which strips the digital signal of any PC noise commonly created by a server’s internal power supply. Firmware updates and music data are also communicated through the single provided USB input. This is accomplished by a special interface, again unique to Waversa Systems.

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