LSALSA 10 Statement newLSA-10 Statement Save $1000 w/FREE $1000 spkr cablesLSA Speaker deal An Absolute Sound Editors Choice component Get a FREE pair of our new $1000.00 Diamond 8 foot speaker cables with LSA-10 or LSA-20 Statement speakers. T...2499.00

LSA-10 Statement Save $1000 w/FREE $1000 spkr cables

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                        LSA Speaker deal

An Absolute Sound Editors Choice component

Get a FREE pair of our new $1000.00 Diamond 8 foot speaker cables with LSA-10 or LSA-20 Statement speakers. This cable competes with the $10,000 cables from the competition.

Our fabulous new LSA speakers are now shipping.  They sell
Internet Direct and are designed to outperform speakers at 2-3 times their Internet Direct prices.

Free pair of Core Power Diamond $1000.00 2.5m speaker cables with LSA Statement speakers.

Free pair of $450.00 Gold cables with LSA-20 Signature speakers

See the new LSA-20 Signature review at They sum up with:
"Rarely do you find a system in this price range that does what the LSA
20 Signature System does, it makes beautiful music and is a terrific
value. A great how-to from the folks at Underwood Hifi and it gets our
highest recommendation without hesitation. Magical and exciting!!!!!"

Read the review at:

In the September 2019 LSA-10 Statement review Audio Bacon summed up with:

was thoroughly impressed with the LSA-10 Signature at AXPONA 2019. But
I’m absolutely blown away by the LSA-10 Statement. Especially in
combination with the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core and Emerald
Physics 100.2 SE power amplifier.

This system was made to compete with others over three times its price – and yeah…I’m inclined to agree. It punches way above its weight. It’s an absolute steal, even at its retail price. Which is made possible via factory direct pricing. I believe it is the hottest deal in HiFi today."

                                            End Game?

I don’t say this lightly: I’m positive the LSA-10 Statement or LSA-10
Signature may be an end-game bookshelf speaker for many. It epitomizes
what we as audiophiles are constantly seeking. A speaker that is
dynamic, has fine tonal quality – and is faithful to the nuances and
harmonics of the art. The word “truth” was recurring in my notes."

Read the entire review at:

us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

                       LSA-10 Statement

              Reference Monitor with Beryllium
tweeter and 32Hz bass

                                 Chocolate Rosewood Lacquer

                                      Internet Direct Price $3500.00 

                      Sale $2499.00 pair  

                         Save $1000.00  


   Free pair of $1000 Diamond speaker cables 


    Full speaker info at:

                      LSA-20 Signature

                      7 driver column-Superb

                                     25Hz bass   

                             Internet Direct price $3995.00

                     Sale $2999.00 pair

                       Save $1000.00


       Free $450.00 Gold Speaker cables

   Full speaker Info at:


                     LSA-20 Statement

              7 driver column with Copper/Beryllium tweeters  

                                  Internet Direct price $5995.00

                    Sale $3,999.00 pair

                       Save $2,000.00


  Free $1000.00 Diamond Speaker cables

   Full speaker Info at:

Customers feedback on these LSA speakers:

1) Walter,  I know you
said 200 hours, but, seriously, after 2 hours I can tell you that my Paradigms
never even dreamed of reproduction like the Signatures. The quickness, sound
stage, musical depth, nuance, bass, everything about them is incredible.

Also, fit & finish is beautiful. Thanks for steering me
to your amazing product. Roy

2) Walter, I want to share my early impressions of the
speakers.  I am very happy with their performance.  I have played
them for about 90 hours of which 30 has been casual listening with about 15
hours of listening in the sweet spot.  I find them to be very accurate in
a smooth, pleasant way to my ears. Which means that I can listen to them for
long hours without tiring my ears. The sound stage has become more defined
compared to my old speakers with instruments and voices standing out in
space.  Bass started to really stand out after 50 hours.  This is the
most impressive characteristic of these speakers, because I never expected such
deep, accurate pleasing sounds.  I don't think that I would ever need,
want a separate sub woofer to accompany these speakers. Chas

3) Hello Walter, 48 hours of break in and the speakers are a
delight. Really came to life after 24. Both base response and treble uppers are
stunning, mid range improving. May tube roll a bit on preamp to accent.
Wonderful product. 

Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend, RP

4) The LSA's have burned in nicely and I will be doing my
article this week. My wife got to hear them for the first time today and asked
me where the sub was in the room. She couldn't believe they were being run
full-range. She's quite the audiophile herself and commented on their amazing
imaging. You've made a couple real fans out of us with these speakers!

Talk soon! Michael Laurence, 
The Shoestring Audiophile

5) Walter, Just wanted to let you know I love my LSA 10
they sound great and enjoying my CD's all over again. Just to
let you know any more stereo equipment needed you will be
who I'll call first. They sound great !!!

Thanks for you help, GT

6) Walter, Just a short word of thanks. ALL the gear is
running & sounding perfectly !!

But - especially the LS-10's … now w/about 200 hrs on
them they are Outstanding Monitors - you've Punched it Out w/these … Fantastic


7) I'm
No Expert - Just an old construction guy who has bought a lot of speakers over
the years,  - but - the LSA-10's are
as good a Monitor as I've ever heard regardless of $$s
… far better than
the original 1's & they were Very Good !!  Nice Job, mission
accomplished !!

8) The LS20 signatures are GREAT!  13 W us plenty for them.  Both the
imaging and bass are the best I have heard.


9) Walter, so far the Statement Ten is sounding like
a Perfect Ten. Really remarkable. You got a home run in hand.



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