Vandersteen3A SignatureusedVandersteen 3A SignatureUpdate: Sale is now Pending ¡¡¡¡¡NOW!!! $75 Bones Off original asking price of $1100, just for Your Shopping Pleasure!!!! It should be obvious that these are priced to sell, hence the low pri...1025.00

Vandersteen 3A Signature [Expired]

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Update: Sale is now Pending
¡¡¡¡¡NOW!!!  $75 Bones Off original asking price of $1100, just for Your Shopping Pleasure!!!!
 It should be obvious that these are priced to sell, hence the low price. These speakers are worth considerably more...
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Now what we have here is a lovely matched pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures, “upgraded model”, clocking in at “Fair” condition – although almost completely for cosmetic reasons (the grill cloths fell victim to an otherwise excellent cat). They have seen a few years of use, this is true (they were purchased New by yours truly in January of 2008; one owner: me!), AND just two or three of those years saw them exposed to a modest amount of tobacco since my wife smoked on occasion around the house during a short-lived tobacco habit. But the great news about the speakers is that apart from these Price-Reducing facts, the speakers were cherished and well cared-for to the fullest of my abilities as long as I have owned them. I was careful to keep the volume low enough not to overtax them, but I also gave them a proper work out at a higher volume from time to time. Nothing over-taxing or over-driving, everything kept within their prodigious abilities; just an occasional higher-volume session to keep 'em honest. It is my sincere belief that such volume-control activities carried out as stated, in addition to common sense care, are essential for proper amplifier and speaker function. The cosmetic problems simply grant you a great deal on these speakers which excel in their otherwise sonically marvelous condition, since getting the grill cloths replaced on them, and possibly even obtaining new boxes, would assuredly be more economical than buying used speakers in the identical sonic condition as these, only with grill cloths in a near-mint condition. Also, the photos mostly emphasize and up-play the fabric tears and the small hole – in actuality the grill cloths pass fairly well and could be left as-is and are not at all bad-looking. The visible wood veneer on both is certainly in great condition and the speakers present elegantly just as they are. But new fabric for the visually obsessed would probably be inexpensive enough to replace, as I said.

The speakers were never dropped nor have ever fallen, and they were kept in good climate controlled environments. At this price you get a veritable steal on this sought-after sound if you are willing and close enough to do a local pick-up. The reason for the local pick-up requirement is because while the speakers themselves ALWAYS were kept in proper environmental conditions, for some reason I thought the boxes alone might store ok in a rather damp and musty basement for the last couple years of the boxes' lives. It seemed after noting the boxes' sad condition subsequently that shipping such beautiful speakers in them would have been more of a detriment to the health of the speakers than to simply throw away the boxes and settle for local pick-up. But again, it was the BOXES ONLY that ever saw the interior of any basement - the speakers themselves were ALWAYS kept in climate controlled rooms. Besides the lack of original boxes, the speakers are roughly 100 lbs each, and are 4 feet tall – an appropriately sized vehicle is needed to transport them. Shipping would dramatically increase your purchase price; it is NOT advised since I would have to build boxes for them, at your expense, and shipping at their weight – well..... I think you see what I mean.

Now then. These speakers sound amazing! They were constantly 'opening up' and enjoying 'mini burn-ins' all the time I had them, right through the present. They are sure to last throughout the years giving you much trouble-free enjoyment. They incidentally have never, ever needed servicing, and I would stand firmly behind a claim that these particular speakers are certain to last for many more years without needing servicing by you either. Vandersteens are interesting in that they require thoughtful room placement to really get the best sound out of them – but again, the possibilities seem endless in the world of tweaking different placements to emphasize this or that aspect of their sound. The whole process is a rewarding workout for the trained ear and is really a whole lot of fun! One word of note is that these speakers are a touch on the dark side, as are all Vandersteen 3A Signatures, so pairing them with a slightly brighter amp and/or turntable/cartridge yields best results. However, the speakers do have, most conveniently, treble and midrange adjustment knobs, and bass can be increased or decreased by moving the towers so that the rear-facing subwoofers are closer to or farther from the back wall.

If you stop by, bring an amp and speaker wire with spade speaker-ends to hear what they sound like with your own rig. I do have two sets of speaker wire if they'll work for you, amp ends are banana plug, but no amps (sold). The speakers are bi-wireable and rate 4 ohms. I am located in Brattleboro, Vermont which is a small town just over the Massachusetts border located right off of Interstate 91 along the Connecticut River. Peace.

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