Monitor AudioPLW215 Series II SubwooferusedMonitor Audio Platinum PLW215 II Sub (Ebony or Rosewood): VERY GOOD C-Stock; Full Wrnty; 50% OffMonitor Audio Platinum PLW215 II Sub (Ebony or Rosewood): VERY GOOD C-Stock; Full Warranty; 50% OffMSRP: $6999.95 USD EachpcX Price: $3499.95 USD 50% Off Retail - Please specify Ebony or Ros...3499.95

Monitor Audio Platinum PLW215 II Sub (Ebony or Rosewood): VERY GOOD C-Stock; Full Wrnty; 50% Off

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Monitor Audio Platinum PLW215 II Sub (Ebony or Rosewood): VERY GOOD C-Stock; Full Warranty; 50% Off

MSRP: $6999.95 USD Each

pcX Price: $3499.95 USD       50% Off Retail  - Please specify Ebony or Rosewood 

NOTE: C-Stock…100% Operational; All Original Packaging & Accessories….some cabinet blemishes (many of which, we have been able to repair or reduce)..We can supply pictures if necessary. 

We’re asking you to recall your last encounter with the awe-inspiring power of thunder; how its enormous natural presence is able to translate the experience of low frequency sound into a shock wave. The PLW215 II will help you to re-live the air-bending effect of Mother Nature’s own subwoofer within your listening room. Twin 15" C-CAM drivers, triple-suspended for a full 4 cm of excursion and individually powered by DSP-controlled amplifiers, will deliver clean frequencies down to 16 Hz. At this level, bass arrives with a percussive impact that you feel from head to toe, seamlessly extending even the PL500 II to deliver breath-taking audio resolution beyond the limits of your audible range, but with a physical dimension that absorbs the senses. Put simply, it’s the sound of nature, vividly re-created.

Even so, all this explosive audio potency would be wasted without control. Adjust the in-room response of the PLW215 II on the top panel or via laptop using our proprietary ‘SubConnect’ software. Within this global setting, the 24bit DSP offers four fully configurable user presets per input, including pre-set modes for Flat/Music/Movie/Impact EQ settings. If you wish to fine-tune, you can adjust frequency, slope, trim and EQ filters for each preset. There’s also a Night Mode, which actively reduces the dynamic range of louder sections according to the level you desire. The PLW215 II is the most powerful, sophisticated and natural sounding bass engine we have ever built, and so complements the flagship Platinum II range with impeccable precision.

System Format

Sealed Cabinet with vibration cancelling driver configuration, 25 mm M.D.F. construction with internal bracing and sealed amplifier compartment

Lower Frequency Limit

-3 dB @ 23 Hz / -10 dB @ 18 Hz (Free Field) default preset: Music, -3 dB @ 19 Hz / -10 dB @ 16 Hz (In Room) default preset: Music, Limited by low frequency protection filter (-3 dB @ 12 Hz)

Upper Frequency Limit

-3 dB @ 150 Hz


Twin 15" C-CAM drivers, triple-suspended for a full 4cm of excursion
A dedicated DSP-controlled amplifier powers each driver
SubConnect software: adjust in-room response using top panel dial or laptop
4 user presets per input, including preset Flat/Music/Movie/Impact modes
Night Mode: actively reduces dynamic range of louder sections to desired level
High current Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
12v trigger in (3.5 mm mono mini-jack, 6v threshold)
IR remote included, IR receiver on front panel
3.5 mm microphone input jack, microphone included


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