KrellShowcaseusedKrell Showcase 7 - 7.1 channel Processor THX Ultra Certified, DTS-ES 6.1/ DTS Neo:6/ DD/ DPLII/ THX-EX with REMOTE & Enhancements ***PRICE LOWERED ********** PRICE DROP & FREE SHIPPING ********This listing is for a very good condition condition Krell Showcase 7 Balanced 7.1 Channel Surround Processor. Designed by Dan D'Agostino while still a...550.00

Krell Showcase 7 - 7.1 channel Processor THX Ultra Certified, DTS-ES 6.1/ DTS Neo:6/ DD/ DPLII/ THX-EX with REMOTE & Enhancements ***PRICE LOWERED *** [Expired]

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******* PRICE DROP & FREE SHIPPING ********

This listing is for a very good condition condition Krell Showcase 7 Balanced 7.1 Channel Surround Processor. Designed by Dan D'Agostino while still at Krell A/V, this thing is an absolute two-channel monster. Able to accept 96kHz/24bit stereo PCM via any digital input, in addition to all of the surround formats, this THX Ultra certified Processor is great for music and movies. 24bit/192kHz DACs and ADCs for every channel. The analog stereo direct mode ("preamp" on the front display) is legitimately excellent in an absolute sense; not just for a surround processor. One of the best I've heard. Very organic and detailed. Imaging is excellent and the sense of weight and space is duly present. The Showcase does not have the current thin/strident Krell sound; but the sound that made them famous. It's confidently dynamic, but it's never brash or in your face. Everything is still liquid smooth and digital usually sounds like analog from Tidal or Qobuzz. A mean feat even with today's equipment.

The Showcase also has a full 7.1 analog input via SE/RCA on the rear panel. Adding a modern BD player is a cinch. It has a full compliment of XLR and RCA outputs for all 7.1 channels. 4 Toslink inputs and 4 S/PDIF inputs, along with a stereo XLR input make this a real option for dual use service (multi-channel and high end stereo). The OpAmps driving the outputs are really strong and clean (Burr Brown OP275). This will drive any amplifier (regardless of input impedance or gain structure) with ease.

There are lots of little white marks on the unit in the pictures; they are actually from my fingernails and skin. Nearly all wipe right off. Feel free to ask if you want a close-up image of anything specific. I'm happy to oblige with whatever can be done on my iPhone XR. I'm no photographer, but I'll try.

I am the second owner and have cleaned all of the dust out of the internals, in addition, I fully disassembled the unit (and all internal boards) and applied heat sinks to literally every major chip on the board (DACs, OpAmps on inputs and outputs, buffers, DSPs, volume resister ladders, etc), and applied two huge heat sinks adjacent to the power supply MOSFETs. Running temps have been slashed by several degrees C and longevity added. This is a cool running unit now and would be safe for moderately enclosed spaces (a closed rack with an open back, for example).

I obtained the unit without a remote (the original had long ago been lost by the original owner). I bought a remote from Redi-Remote who programmed a remote specifically for this Krell unit (works with Krell CD and DVD players from the same era as well). I tested every function and it works flawlessly. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and has a very strong IR emitter; bouncing IR commands off of ceilings of walls is easy with this thing. The original credit card remote was simply not able to do that.

There are a very few scuff marks on the unit. None have gone through the Anodizing on the Aluminum. Most are only visible in bright, direct light, and at the right angle. None were added by me. The unit is fit for display at any angle and would still appear amazing on an open display rack.

I have digital copies of the Krell owner's manual, the main L/R DAC chip white paper (PCM1737), and the output OpAmp white paper (OP275) in PDF form. I can email them to you. I have fully tested this unit. I enjoyed it in my very own 5.1 system for a time, but have settled on my Anthem Statement D1 (with ARC upgrade) as a better fit for my uses. And my wife likes the Anthem remote better. That also matters. A lot. ;)

So, it's really closer to a 9/10 from 5 feet. But, abiding strictly by Audiogon's ratings rules, I have selected 8/10 for the official rating. If there are any images you would like to see (macros of certain buttons, etc), please let me know. This is a US/60hz unit. There are different power supplies for the 50hz markets and the two types cannot be converted between 60hz/50hz.

3M thermal adhesive and quality machined aluminum heat sinks have been liberally applied to every critical power MOSFET, OpAmp, DAC chip, DSP processor, and ladder resistor. All dust has been cleaned. This is more thermally stable than a stock unit. Empirical statement. This was not done to address any perceived or actual shortcoming; but rather to satisfy my OCD and because it was a fun undertaking. All top screws are in good condition.

REVIEWS: "This gave me my first indication that these Krell electronics are doing exactly what they're supposed to do: get out of the way and let the sources (and, ultimately, the room and speakers) speak for themselves. The Showcase pre/pro, especially, resists a significant sonic signature, which is very close to my ideal for a preamp. Walking the fine line between avoiding coloration and undue presence while also avoiding a sense of dryness and sterility isn't easy, but the Showcase appears to do it rather well.

Midrange was the Showcase system's hook. In both rooms, the midrange was tonally rich and highly accurate. Vocals were especially impressive, as on the James Taylor Hourglass DVD-Audio, where the balance between the honey-dipped subtlety of Taylor's voice and the immediacy of the background singers—particularly the always tonally difficult-to-reproduce female vocals—was excellently maintained."

-Sound & Vision 2002 (Chris Lewis)

"Without a doubt the Krell Showcase is the best processor I have had the pleasure of using in my system. It increased the depth of my soundstage quite a bit over others I have tested. When I listened to film soundtracks, the front soundstage had a great transparency and excellent dynamic range. Bass seemed tighter and more focused than before, and there wasn't a hard edge to any of the higher frequencies.

For music, I would categorize the Showcase as a very neutral piece. As with movies, the soundstage offered excellent dynamics. Most recordings seemed richer when I listened to them, especially in the lower end. It did especially well with precise notes like a rolling cymbal. Instead of the milky sound that blends into itself that I hear with a lot of audio pieces it seems, the Showcase offered a discernible distant sound with tiny details."

-Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity (Kris Deering)

SERIAL NUMBER: In listing images.


PRICE: I am asking $550.00 + FREE shipping CONUS. Make me a serious offer and let’s talk.

INCLUDED: Unit comes very securely packed and insured, with the remote and a 4ft 16AWG IEC power cord. I'm in the Central Florida area, so local pickup is an option. Contact for more details.

If you're interested, get in touch with me.

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