VTLs200used2014 VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier2014 VTL S200 in black, very fine shape, including all original packaging. Amp is just back from VTL where Luke fully serviced and gave it all new tubes ($1300). These are VTL factory tubes. Amp w...5295.00

2014 VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Power Amplifier [Expired]

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2014 VTL S200 in black, very fine shape, including all original packaging.  Amp is just back from VTL where Luke fully serviced and gave it all new tubes ($1300). These are VTL factory tubes. Amp was then thoroughly tested at dealer before I picked it up. Approximately 150 hours since and broken in. Produces a glorious sound. It needed no service and had no issues but I wanted it to be 100% with brand new factory tubes. Paperwork from factory service is included.  This is a $12,500 amplifier and that's what it sounds like. Has incredible auto-biasing feature, as well as troubleshooting features. Nothing like it at this pricepoint.  Shipping will be in all original packaging and boxes and will be Fedex ground.  I have shipped over $2MIL in musical gear worldwide since 1997 and it will be properly packed. Doesn't have the coloration or overly warm thing that many amps do.  I just A/B'd this amp with an Audio Research 100W and the lack of soundstage with the ARC was astonishing. The VTL crushed it, not a fair comparison.  Please understand you're buying an amp that has been extremely well cared for and was just serviced by the owner of VTL, with 100% new tubes.  Like a brand new amp.>>>>>>Please email with any questions or call to discuss, thank you.  Shipping Fedex ground including insurance.  Also selling VTL5.5II preamp and VTL TP2.5II phono preamp.         https://vtl.com/products/power-amplifiers/stereo-amplifiers/s-200-signature-stereo-amplifier/  ------  
________________________________________________________________________ The S-200 bears a similar sonic signature to its bigger brother, the MB-450 Series III Signature monoblocks. The mid bass authority and control is excellent while the midrange and top end reflect natural timbres and instrument colors effortlessly. The amplifier’s agility and speed, its very low noise floor, and its ability to drive a wide range of speakers are distinct features that few other tube amplifiers in this price category can offer. Pair it with VTL’s TL5.5 Series II preamplifier for one of the most compelling and seductive sounds available anywhere close to the price. Feature List: 1. Fully balanced differential circuit – even single-ended signal produces balanced signal at output 2. Fully balanced differential input and driver stages for increased signal swing, bandwidth and stability 3. Zero global Negative Feedback 4. Shorter, faster feedback loop for greater tonal control without phase shift. 5. Superior handling of loudspeaker loads for greater signal stability. 6. The amplifier is unconditionally stable, without the need for capacitor compensation. 7. Tube-like JFET type current source maintains sonic integrity in singleended mode 8. Low impedance output stage for better loudspeaker control 9. Proprietary designed interleaving and coupling in the balanced VTL Signature output transformer, for wider bandwidth and zero ringing 10. Variable user-adjustable DF feedback control to vary output impedance and damping factor for optimal matching to speaker load 11. Software microprocessor controlled • Tetrode/Triode Switchable • Auto Bias, Fault Sensing • Current in-rush limiting • Standby Mute function; with reduced tube current for increased tube life 12. 200 watts per channel in tetrode; 100 watts per channel in triode 13. Uses eight 6550 or KT-88 tubes Adjustable regulated screen supply for stable operating point; discrete regulated input and driver supply for greater signal resolution and tonality 14. Adjustable precision-regulated bias supply for greater signal resolution VTL S-200 Stereo Signature Amplifier Data Sheet P. 2 and noise rejection and improved isolation from mains supply variations; output operating point does not change with AC power fluctuations 17. Extruded aluminum front panel with luxurious, modern look – black and silver options available 18. Rack mountable 15. Autobias and fault sensing system to operate in fully balanced differential mode; amplifier is fully protected against output tube failure; no need for precision matching of output tubes 19. Rigid construction and ventilation designed for lower operating temperature 16. Film bypass of power supply caps for greater HF resolution Specifications S-200 Signature Stereo Amplifier Data Specification Vacuum Tube Complement 8 x 6550 or KT-88, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 12BH7 Output Power Tetrode = 200 watts Triode = 100 Watts 20 Hz – 20 kHz <2.5% THD Into 5 ohms Input Sensitivity Variable between 700mV and 1.6V, depending upon DF setting Input Impedance 45K Ohms Load setting 5 ohms Optimum Load Range 4 - 8 ohms S/N Ratio -110dB, 120 Hz Power Consumption Idle = 330 W Full Power = 1000 W Primary Mains Fuse Rating Input Fuse Logic Fuse 100/120V = 15A Ceramic Slo Blo 220/ 240V = 8A Ceramic Slo Blo 100/120V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo 220/240V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo 100/120V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo 220/240V = 1A Ceramic Slo Blo B+ Fuse Rating Plate Fuse – 1.0A fast acting 600V Dimensions W x D x H 18.5 x 18 x 9 inches (47 x 45.7 x 23 cm) Weight 105 lbs (47.6Kg) per monoblock unpacked 120 lbs (54 Kg) packed 
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