Doge8 ClarityusedDoge 8 Clarity Tube PreampThe best tube preamp on the market below $5,000 For sale, a light used Doge 8 Clarity (2017 Edition) Tube Preamp. $1,400 Firm. If using PayPal or Credit Card Fees Apply The Doge 8 Tube Prea...1300.00

Doge 8 Clarity Tube Preamp [Expired]

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The best tube preamp on the market below $5,000

For sale, a light used Doge 8 Clarity (2017 Edition) Tube Preamp.  $1,400 Firm.
If using PayPal or Credit Card Fees Apply
The Doge 8 Tube Preamp is a hidden gem of the Audio world.  As good research will show you, this is a lot of amp for the money.   

The Doge 8 Clarity (2017 Edition) is a pure tube preamp with a 100% MM/MC tube phono stage. The Clarity edition uses excellent ESA Clarity film capacitors. The build quality is top-notch. I've upgraded the 12ax7 tubes in the phono stage to Mullard new stock. The remote is metal and solid.  It has 5 Line inputs and one phono input.  I have the shipping box. Here are some user reviews and the specifications:    

GaryG – November 3, 2017 

I’ve been a major audio enthusiast for the past 40 years, having owned a multitude of various quality audio components during that time. I’ve always favored tube amplification, especially with highly revealing electrostatic speakers (which I also happen to favor). I’d used several tube preamps over the years, and have always enjoyed their sound characteristics, especially when driving a tube amplifier – But, when I recently bought the new Doge 8 Clarity, I am finally hearing what a really high end tube preamp should sound like: Highly nuanced detail, a warm and open mid-band, extended and smooth upper frequencies, an ultra-wide sound stage with deep and tight bass, plus great micro and macro dynamics throughout the spectrum – And, this is with just 50 hours on the unit. The stock Shuguang tubes seem very well matched to the design, which I assume might have been voiced using these very tubes. Finally, as a retired electronics engineer, I can relate with utmost confidence that the stellar build quality of this unit both inside and out is second to none, especially at this price level. In conclusion, I am extremely happy having made the purchase, and look forward to many years of happy listening.

Mark S – January 5, 2018

The Doge 8 Clarity is one awesome, compact preamp – an incredible price performer. Right out of the gate using the stock Shugang hi-fi tubes, the Doge 8 performed something like a hi-priced solid-state preamp. But when mated with GE NOS tubes or better yet, the Sylvania black triple 5751s, it becomes a very rare breed of preamp (I have not listened to the Doge with the upgraded Psvane tubes). In fact, I rate it way above an Audible Illusions M3B and very different but roughly equal to my CAT SL-1 in overall sound quality. In my opinion, the the Doge has a better line stage while the CAT has a better phono stage. The Doge 8 has the rare unique combination of warmth and pace that effectively mimics a real live performance. The CAT’s soundstage is larger and just a touch airier, but the Doge is better balanced, being more linear, analytical, aggressive and coherent, without losing the warmth factor. The Doge is right at home in high-end systems. Mine consists of: Benz Micro LP-S, Ear MC-4, VPI TNT, Vibraplane, Coincident Dragon amps and Von Schweikert speakers.

  • Tubes components : 12AT7 x 4 for line stage, 12AX7 x 4 for Phono stage
  • RCA Line inputs :5
  • RCA Phono inputs : 1 input compliant for MC & MM cartridges
  • RCA Output : 2
  • Remote controller :yes
  • Stand-by function :yes
  • Remote controller material :Luxury black aluminium
  • MM phono input sensibility:5mV
  • MC phono input sensibility:0.5mV
  • Bandwidth :12Hz to 30KHz
  • Signal to noise ratio :>101db
  • THD :<0.05%
  • Input impedance :50K ohms
  • Input sensitivity :200mV
  • Max output power : 10V
  • Output impedance : 600 ohms
  • Size in inches :W:17″ x D:14.5″ x H:5.1/4″


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