EsotericP-03 UniversalusedEsoteric P-03 UniversalUp for sale is the world class Esoteric P03 Universal Transport. Some believe this is the finest CD/SACD/DVD Transport the audio world has ever known. Just in on trade. Full Description: The P-03 U...4500.00

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Up for sale is the world class Esoteric P03 Universal Transport. Some believe this is the finest CD/SACD/DVD Transport the audio world has ever known. Just in on trade.

Full Description: 
The P-03 Universal Transport: 
Universal Audio Video Transport Model “P-03 Universal”Highly acclaimed VRDS-NEO mechanism (Newly developed vibration free, rigid disc clamping system), AC power drive components, chassis construction, and cosmetics ...the P-03 Universal shares most of its basic design features with the P-03. 

In addition to conventional playback, the P-03 Universal also features native PCM to DSD signal conversion for CD audio. Users may select suitable digital conversion options based on personal preference relative to the type of source material used, the category of music selected or simply tomatch the capability of other components used within the system. 

Fully tuned & matched components including newly designed analog & digital video output circuits. 
The latest 14 bit / 216 MHz video D / A converter chip (ADV 7324), from Analog Devices. 
The latest digital video up-scaling chip (LSI ABT 1080), from Anchor Bay Technologies. 
Exclusive AC power components (transformer and circuit board), isolated from the audio section, are dedicated for video processing, providing superior video output display performance. 
Various signal output interfaces are provided including HDMI (High definition multi-media interface). 
The P-03 Universal is equipped with a HDMI terminal (maximum up-scaling to 1080P), component video outputs, 12V DC trigger/remote control output for compatible external control components, and RS232C for custom installers and home theater control applications. 
High definition video up-conversion to 1080P. Scaling: 480i / 576i, 480P / 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P 
The same state of the art commercial technologies shared with the P-03 audio transport including: drive mechanisms, AC power component, digital audio output circuits, internal circuit layouts, chassis construction , chassis isolation, horizontal sled, vertical pickup implementation and design cosmetics. 
VRDS-NEO mechanism, highly acclaimed for its accurate alignment properties for reading digitaldata. Used in conjunction with ESOTERIC’s horizontal sled and proprietary pick-up assembly, prevents any off axis data read and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for error correction. 
New for the P-03 Universal: Tray top surface illumination during loading. This allows easier disc placement, disc change out, or disc removal in low light or no light situations.  
Integrated separate-chassis construction: highly rigid integrated one-piece body style containing separate power supply, electronics and transport compartments. This greatly reduces interference potential and inherent noise associated with more common single chassis designs.  
Thick aluminum front panel, side panels, top panels and front-corner rounded blocks, covers the integrated chassis supported by a 5 mm-thick steel bottom chassis. This design implementation further reduces overall system noise, created by external influences during the playback process  
Three pinpoint isolation feet (patent pending), made of quenched steel provide a level and isolated “buffer,” zone between the chassis and the surface where it is placed, further reducing vibration 
User selectable digital audio output features DSD (native mode for SACD), PCM native mode, PCM digital signal up-conversion, and, PCM to DSD conversion function for standard CDs. 
Word Synchronization 
The P-03 Universal can accept and synchronize (WORD SYNC), to the following clocking frequencies received from external devices such as ESOTERIC’s G25U, AZ-1 or G-0s : 44.1 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz, 100 kHz. 
Exceptionally high-grade selection of parts and internal wiring (6N copper, etc.)ensures top quality audio video playback performance.

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