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Verdant Audio - Nightshade 1 - Fiberglass Cabinet (Pair) [Expired]

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Jet Black will ship within two weeks of ordering.  Veneers will ship within four seeks of ordering.  

AXPONA Coverage is in:

"The speakers had a glossy and emotionally moving sound that did well to underline the dark and silent background created by the use of high-tech enclosure materials. I know it sounds weird to say, but the enclosure sounded good." - Eric Franklin Shook, part-time audiophile - Verdant Audio - Art Audio AXPONA 2019

"Sincere Thanks!...To Verdant Audio for press support, and trying to play my own music on their nicely balanced stand mounts, powered by the beautiful Art Audio Carissa amps. I enjoyed it, men." - Gary L Beard, Positive Feedback - My AXPONA Adventures


The characteristic sound of the Nightshade is a touch of warmth and soul with a massive soundstage.  This is especially noticeable with female voices and brighter recordings of strings and horns.  The natural tendency of the Nightshade is to take away the sharp edges you might hear in a recording but still deliver amazing nuance and detail.  

The Silver Reference upgrade takes away a hair of the warmth one hears in the Nightshades and enhances the soundstage and level of detail.  

Best with a sealed subwoofer that delivers an exceptional level of detail with the crossover set at 65hz.  For amplification, these would pair brilliantly with a Musical Fidelity M6s PRX or the Art Audio Opus 4 mono-blocks.  

Cabinet Technology:

The Nightshade cabinets are made from panels of Fiber Glass and resin with a DuPont Nomex honeycomb core. Fiber Glass is extremely rigid and the honeycomb core offers superior sound damping. The cabinets outperform MDF and although they are less rigid than the Blackthorns, they are still something special. Like with CF panels, this approach is limiting in that panels can’t be curved explaining the bold, and distinct styling. Alternatively, Nomex is far superior to alternatives like balsa meaning what we give up in flexibility in styling we make up for in performance. It is finished with an automotive grade paintjob for superior quality and durability.


The midrange is Eton’s Orchestra. Paper cone drivers with ribbed cones ensure a high level of rigidity. The special mixture of paper was selected for homogeneity for a smooth and consistent sound. Supremely musical, the Orchestra midrange delivers detail and nuance via traditional materials. Eton’s silk dome tweeter leverages a special internal coating that is manually applied. The tweeter delivers extraordinary detail and marries perfectly with the midrange, again via traditional materials.


Eton speakers are well designed and don’t require especially complex crossovers. Using a hybrid second and third order design allows for a seamless transition between tweeter and woofer for a homogenous sound. ClarityCap PX Capacitors were chosen for their raw musicality and ability to deliver a fun and engaging sound. Goertz Copper Foil inductors were selected due to their tight tolerances and exceptional quality ensuring a clean and consistent sound from speaker to speaker.

Kimber Kable and WBT Binding Posts:

To ensure the signal arrives at our superb crossover and drivers in the purest possible form, we opted to use only the best wire and binding posts. Flexibility is not a concern inside a speaker cabinet so although a bit more expensive we, opted for solid copper wire from Kimber Kable for its precise and focused sound. WBT Binding Posts were selected for their obvious quality and precision.


Drivers -

· Mid Woofer: 5.9 inches (150mm) – Ribbed Paper Cone

· Tweeter: 1 inch (25mm) Dome – Silk Dome

Enclosure Type-

· Mid Woofer: Rear Vented

· Tweeter: Sealed


· Sensitivity: 85 dB (2.83V @ 1M)

· Maximum SPL: 104.1dB Continuous (1M) and 116.4dB Peak

· Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms / minimum 7.4 ohms @ 173 Hz

· Recommended Amplifier Power Range: 25 to 125w

· Frequency Response:

    • 64 Hz – 18.8 kHz +/- 3 dB
    • 54 Hz – 19.3 kHz +/- 6dB
    • 45 Hz – 20.0 kHz +/- 10dB


· Height: 15 inches

· Width: 8.5 inches

· Depth: 11 inches

Product Weight

· Weight Per Channel: 10 lbs


Silver Reference Upgrade:

Our upgrade to Silver Reference will include WBT Silver Binding Posts, Kimber Kable Silver Wire and Mundorf Silver-Gold Oil Capacitors on the tweeters.  


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