Vapor AudioJoule WhiteusedVAPOR AUDIO JOULE WHITE Speakers PRICE FALLS TIL SOLD!Vapor Audio Joule White Speakers in Sapele and Aston Marten Bridgewater Bronze front baffles. $9,200 Comparable in drivers, cabinet and crossover to speakers $40-50K. That is not exaggeration; I kn...9200.00


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Vapor Audio Joule White Speakers in Sapele and Aston Marten Bridgewater Bronze front baffles. $9,200 Comparable in drivers, cabinet and crossover to speakers $40-50K. That is not exaggeration; I know the market, and have heard competitive products at shows. 

 WATCH THIS AD! THE PRICE WILL FALL UNTIL THEY ARE SOLD. Do not delay too long, or else you will miss the sale. I have already reduced the price $5,300 in a matter of a few days, so you need to watch and act quickly when you are motivated. People tend to make an offer at about the same price point, so if you really want them it's worth the extra $1-200 rather than missing the sale. I have done sales like this many times, and typically there are 2-3 disappointed persons as they waited too long.  


I recommend that if you need, you rent a truck and drive one or two states to get these. I have driven up to 7 hours one way for lesser speakers. These are extreme and well worth the effort. 

NOTE: At the bottom of this Ad is a response from a current Joule owner who wanted desperately to upgrade to this pair. Please see his comments regarding the condition and quality of these speakers. 

UPDATE AS OF 11-30-19:   Ryan Scott, the designer, builder told me that he was going to make another speaker like this for himself. He was going to use the same design and parts to make a set for himself. He also kept commenting that they are much more beautiful than the pictures show - and they are. 

This is not the standard Joule, but has larger upper cabinet and more refined parts, as is indicated by the upgrades I list. My visitor was very impressed with the beauty and near perfection of the speakers. 

As a measure of how I valued this speaker in terms of quality of parts, design, etc. at the time of the review, my selling price on them now is falling well below what I paid for them as a reviewer. Whoever buys them now will get an extreme design/build for a very good price. 

To give you an idea of the degree of fanaticism in the design and construction of a Vapor Audio product, this is an excerpt from Vapor Audio from their circle at Audiocircle:

So with the Joule we have two distinct cabinet, each shaped the way they are because function and performance does come first.  Every curve and angle is there for a reason which translates into performance of the final product.  But the end result is two cabinets with very different profiles, how to blend those two pieces together visually so they look like they belong?  

The bottom cabinet is stacked ply side to side, that allows us to cut into the slices a perfect 10:1 tapering TL - no stair-step internal bracing to form a line like essentially everybody else does.  And by having the perfect taper, gone are all the midrange resonances that come from having any constant cross-sectional area inside the line.  Port output from the Joule measures textbook perfect, a peak at tuning with resonance free 2nd order roll-off above.  But stacked side to side, that makes the top to bottom cross section rectangular.  So to blend it visually with the curves of the top section, we add 3D CNC's pieces on the top and front of the bottom cabinet.  The front baffle adds curves and visual interest that couldn't be there any other way, and the top section does the same but also creates a cradle for the top cabinet to rest into.  Also in the top piece are pockets for Herbies Fat Dots to isolate the two pieces.  

The top cabinet is shaped the way it is because for midrange/treble reproduction, there are different considerations for ideal performance.  Eliminating edge diffraction and cabinet resonances are the primary focus, and the top cabinet does that completely.  The other consideration with the top cabinet is creating an internal shape that greatly decreases the sound inside the cabinet from reflecting back through and out the woofer cone.  The internal shape was designed through use of Finite Element Analysis, and I'm unaware of ANY other company who has employed such an approach.  And finally stacking the top cabinet top to bottom allows us to create a void inside the cabinet walls which is filled with our Inversion Layer material before being capped off, this greatly reduces sound transmission through the cabinet walls.  

Tell me anybody else out there who goes to these lengths for less than kilobuck asking price?  And not just in pursuit of performance, but also for appearance.  Compromise and making things easier is of no interest to us.  

REGARDING MY EDITING OF THIS AD: Things are getting more serious, with more "Watchers" now. Soon someone will be motivated to bid. According to Audiogon sales rules, I may lose the ability to edit this Ad once a bid has been made. Should the first bid fail in terms of follow through I may not be able to resume my sale as planned. Go ahead and make your reasonable offer. Obviously, an offer too far from the price of the initial offer has less chance of success. Foolish, lowball offers will be ignored. 

Reviewed by myself for 

See here:


Note Re Nomenclature in the review: Speaker was referred to by myself as "Joule White 3" at time of article publication, as in discussion with Ryan Scott, the designer/manufacturer I learned he had made three revisions since the inception of the speaker. He preferred it be named only Joule White, but the change was not made to the article. 


More information available at Vapor Audio website:


This is a boutique speaker, smaller production runs with extremely high quality drivers and crossover parts/internal wiring. The crossovers and cabinet design are extreme, and I can show buyer in person the pics; I promised Ryan Scott, the designer/builder that I would not post/send those images. Please do not ask, as the answer will be no. 


Special features; I quote from my review: My pair of Joule White 3 incorporated four upgrades; double gauge Verastarr internal wiring ($200), a silver/gold transformer winding for the RAAL tweeter ($300), Duelund RS capacitors ($2,500) and piano gloss finish ($1,500). 


MSRP at the time was $16,875, and with additional upgrades was $21,395. Now the Joule White is $32,995. Selling price is $9,200 which includes the foam pieces for the RAAL ribbon tweeters and the Vapor bass impedance circuit jumpers (Reduces bass output from 60-150Hz by 2dB; I will instruct purchaser how to position), original spikes, casters currently on the speakers.  No Owner's Manual extant at the time of my purchase. 


I disclose all aspects of products I sell. The items I sell are among the cleanest on Audiogon:

Rated 9/10, and I have a stringent rating system. Buyers typically find my gear in better condition than they expect. 


 Perfect faces; one small blemish toward back, side of one speaker - fixed by Vapor Audio (Likely you would not find it even upon inspection); light swirl/ghosting on clear coat atop one speaker from shipping, not visible in most light and not visible from seating position. 


The bottom of the speakers are raw material, not finished as sides and tops. Ryan used some slightly shorter pieces in the cabinet ply, so that the bottom is not uniform. This does not affect performance and is unseen from all angles. 


Some Vapor speakers suffered problems with veneer. Ryan changed the material used when he built these, and the veneer is perfect. The speakers have been kept in a temperature and humidity controlled, no smoke, no sunlight, no pet room. They are as close to factory direct as you will find. 


They have been used lightly. I review, so I rotate in other speakers over the years. They have seen less use than the average audiophile. I never abuse my equipment, and they have not been driven hard. 


About 2 years ago a solder joint on the crossover wiring to the binding post of the bass cabinet of one speaker let go (I believe because I have a weather strip I must bring the speakers over as I bring them into the room and there is a slight bump.) I obtained the special bits to open the crossover section, re-soldered the connection, and the speaker has been perfect since. Since that time I lift each side of the speaker's bass cabinet across the transition strip so that there is no possibility of similar occurrence. Buyer will get the bits to access crossover section. 

I put heavy-duty casters on the speakers to make them easy to move about, and this is very helpful for positioning. I have found that the added elevation is beneficial for taller persons. In one photo you will see them sitting on hockey pucks; this was prior to adding the casters. 

I have a limited budget for audio, and I am selling to fund other equipment purchases. 


LOCAL SALE ONLY, NO EXCEPTION: I have checked "original box" as the crates speakers arrived in are broken down and included for buyer if desired. Demo at my discretion possible to potential buyer after I speak to them on phone. 

Stipulations: Lowball offers ignored; First Full offer constitutes first offer; NO shipping, LOCAL  sale only (however, I have the pallet/crates broken down for buyer).

Paypal accepted, as well as cashier’s check or money order - no personal checks

I sell only to continental USA, no exceptions. I am not interested in trades for this item. Please, only parties with the means to purchase. An attempt to unilaterally change the sale conditions at the time of pickup (i.e. show up with less than the agreed upon amount), will result in forfeiture of purchase.  


Failure to maintain proper contact (i.e. within 48 hours of initial contact, and per exchange, or persistent lapse (longer than 48 hours unless agreed by me) may result in loss of purchase. Check my feedback and purchase with confidence. I will be timely and reliable in our dealings. 







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