StraightwireEncore II usedStraightwire Encore II--Free 5 1/2 ft.PairThe Single Length Cable is 45ft .-High Quality XLR Connectors - Bulk Pricing (3 or more) Available -Only 5 Left -This is a very unique High End Cable which utilizes OFHC conductors with a Star Quad...170.00

Straightwire Encore II--Free 5 1/2 ft.Pair [Expired]

no longer for sale

The Single Length Cable is 45ft .-

High Quality XLR Connectors -

 Bulk Pricing (3 or more) Available -

Only 5 Left -

This is a very unique High End Cable which utilizes OFHC conductors with a Star Quad Design. The Encore II delivers tight bass with true high frequencies portraying an uncolored presentation with engaging vocals.

 I have only five of this ENCORE II cable with an XLR input and output on each end of the 45 which is 13.7 Meters. I purchased them from a Professional Recording Studio.

* Once you cut the 45ft. cable in half you will have a pair of 6.8 meter Straightwire Encore II cables you just need to have the  proper XLR connectors to terminate the ends and you are set.

 If you research these cables you will find they sell for $365 for a 6 meter pair which are 19ft.8.2 in. in length for a single cable 39.6 ft for a pair with either the RCA or XLR's on them .

So with these 45 cables you are getting include the Male & Female XLR Connector at each end with an extra 5 1/2 feet of a cable pair you can terminate for use for only $195. 

 *NOTE: The Custom Size lengths of the ENCORE II Cable below does not include either RCA or XLR balanced termination.

 I am willing to sell the entire 45 ft runs or cut the XLR connectors off and sell it in pairs of the following lengths : 1/2 Meter Pair : $55, 1 Meter Pair: $70, 2 Meter Pair: $95, 3 Meter Pair: $145, 4 Meter Pair: $195,  6 Meter 45FT. length cable $195.

Only five 45ft. runs left

*Buyer Pays Paypal Fees.

Shipping:  A $20 flat fee to ship US Priority Mail with full value insurance of the Cable size you order. 

Thank You, Happy Holidays...