One NOS Western Electic300B tube Free S&H anywhereusedOne  NOS Western Electic 300B tube Free S&H anywhere>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please Read Description carefully<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...2557.47

One NOS Western Electic 300B tube Free S&H anywhere [Expired]

no longer for sale

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please Read Description carefully<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< *****One NOS Rare  Western Electic 300B,branded for the Sole agent double zero getters,1940's base on it's top mica and getter,pre WW  ll vacuum tube,fully tested no loose parts,tight base,no rattle,Tested with Dan Nelson Newly calibrated TV7 having  84 usiemens & 50.3 ma plate current where 58 is minimum.Supplied in original Sole agent box. *****I also have the Platinum matching pair having very close test results with 87 usiemens & 50.1 ma plate current. Questions are always welcome. <<<<Test the tube first with a tube tester.Please do not plug the tube in a broken,prototype,DIY equipment.Returns will accepted in the same state as received otherwise sold as is. >>>>Shipping will be in a double box for safely arrival and is FREE ANYWHERE.