Audio Hungary QualitonAPR 204 tube preamp w/upgradesusedAudio Hungary Qualiton APR 204 tube preamp w/upgradesJust $1350 for a top tier sounding tube preamp with phono, remote volume and headphone! Please see my feedback. Thanks. Bill. See review here,

Audio Hungary Qualiton APR 204 tube preamp w/upgrades [Expired]

no longer for sale

Just $1350 for a top tier sounding tube preamp with phono, remote volume and headphone! Please see my feedback. Thanks.  Bill. 

See review here,

Easily a best buy in tube preamps for around $2000- $5000 new and a gem of a find. I was looking for a great sounding tube preamp that would not break the bank and I could work on. I found this one from Audio Hungary and have been enjoying it tremendously. The build quality of this uniit simply superb! Agon members know me as a cable builder/seller and gear modifier for myself and customers over the years. 
 I purchased this unit new with the aim of taking it to the next level with a few key part upgrades.  I did just that and the results are both satisfying and quite Impactful. I have climbed this mountain and am now onto another preamp build project requiring funds. I have owned this for some 9 months and purchased it new from a dealer.  

It has a phono section that I newer used as I don't play records. I understand the sound is on par with the line stage portion of this unit which is superlative.     
The sound is marked by purity and correct tonal balance.  Very dynamic and open sounding with glorious mids and highs.  Simply beautiful sounding with a purity and correctness of tone that is most satisfying. Antithesis of mechanical sounding with a great sense of realism and space. This baby has has drive and impact that gets your attention.  Very quiet to boot! Here is what I did to improve the sound over the great sounding stock unit.   
- upgraded the coupling caps to Miflex copper foils which sound very organic  - upgraded all power supply filter caps to the excellent Mundorf Mlytic HV caps  - upgraded IEC to Furutech - upgraded IEC wiring to the Duelund 12 gauge 600v Polycast stranded copper  - all fuses upgraded to audiophile fuses - Brimar & Furutech - non-magnetic Audio Note Tantalum resistors in key positions - Mills MRA resistors in power supply. 
The unit is in great condition and comes with remote volume and mute.     
The new Furutech IEC is ever so slightly smaller than stock so I placed a small piece of Soundcoat dampening under it as shown in the photo.     
The volume is sensitive and in my system I rarely turn it up past 10:30.     
Priced very attractively as the price for these is $2000 plus shipping.  In addition, I put some $300 of upgraded parts into the unit excluding labor.     
Prefer and will give priority to a local buyer, but do have the original box and packing. 
This unit plays music on a higher level sonically than other well known and reviewed “affordable” tube preamps.  I know because I have owned and built many preamps over the years ranging from the TRL Dude to the Tom Evans Vibe and Pulse. 
Good luck and thanks for looking.   
Units comes with box, packing and remote.    
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