Air TightATE-2usedAir Tight ATE-2 + ATH-3 (((HUGE PRICE DROP)))ATE-2 phono tubed preamplifier and ATH-3 step up transformer. Sell: $6,850 (((HUGE PRICE DROP))): $4,995 8/10 condition. Purchased 11/2018 from original owner, a well known and respecte...5000.00

Air Tight ATE-2 + ATH-3 (((HUGE PRICE DROP))) [Expired]

no longer for sale

ATE-2 phono tubed preamplifier and ATH-3 step up transformer.  

Sell:  $6,850 

(((HUGE PRICE DROP))):  $4,995

8/10 condition.  Purchased 11/2018 from original owner, a well known and respected audiophile.  Originally purchased 2015 from Air Tight, very recent production!  

I am selling due to purchasing a new home and will be relocating over the coming months...


phono equaliser amplifier



  • Genuine valve configuration for whole amp stages even at power supply
  • Latest sonic-oriented high-quality attenuator for matchless sonic transparency and silky smoothness
  • EQ circuitry composed of 2-stage NF & SRPP to insure wide-band spectrum and minimum distortion
  • Elaborate power supply for high stability and low noise
  • Direct-accessible EQ output bypassing volume pot
  • High-mass, vibration-proof chassis for high rigidity

Valves employed: 12AX7(ECC83) × 3, 12BH7A × 1, EF86(6267) × 1, 6922 × 2, 6X4(EZ90) × 1 Phono input: 2 channels Line input: 1 channel Mode: stereo/mono selector EQ output: direct/buffered (2 channels) Dimensions: 405(W) × 330(D) × 145(H)mm Weight: 12kgs


step-up transformer for MC cartridge



■ ATH-3 Specifications

• Step-up ratio

  • 1:40 (32dB gain) at low impedance mode

 Adaptable impedance of cartridges

  • 1Ω〜7Ω (Recommended)
  • * The adaptable impedance range can be converted to 7Ω〜40Ω.


  • 144 (W) × 207 (D) × 80 (H) mm

• Weight

  • 1.5kgs

Flawless feedback buyers only.  USA sale only.  Transaction and shipping fees are buyer’s responsibility.  See my feedback and buy with confidence.    
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