SonarquestAWG10new10 AWG tip-to-tip copper cord (use this ad to purchase) - Genuine Sonarquest plugs10 awg tip-to-tip Power Cable using only genuine brand name parts. No cheap no-name Ebay or Ali Express bought parts used. 10 gauge uses 74% more copper than a 12AWG cable. 1.0m: 70.00$ (or shorter...70.00

10 AWG tip-to-tip copper cord (use this ad to purchase) - Genuine Sonarquest plugs [Template]

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10 awg tip-to-tip Power Cable using only genuine brand name parts. 

No cheap no-name Ebay or Ali Express bought parts used. 10 gauge uses 74% more copper than a 12AWG cable.

1.0m: 70.00$ (or shorter)
1.5m: 80.00$
2.0m: 90.00$
2.5m: 100.00$ and so on

15.00$ flat fee shipping in continental US 

Add 30.00$ for a 20A version. Genuine Wattgate 20A connector used.

I set out to build a good looking, fairly priced, very solidly built cable made exclusively with quality parts from reliable manufacturers.
The base cable is from a well established reliable Canadian manufacturer.
The spades are genuine Panduit (USA).
The connectors are genuine SonarQuest, made of real copper.
Even the heat shrink is high quality Panduit brand (USA).

More on parts:


10awg pure copper. Made in Canada by a long time established supplier. Very flexible cable, especially for a 10 gauge. Cotton filler reduces capacitance.


Although not quite known as Wattgate or Furutech, Sonarquest uses superior materials than their more popular counterparts. Contrary to most AC plugs, these use ONLY copper for the ultimate in conductivity. You can spend over 100$ for a Furutech AC connector set and not even have 100% copper (the IEC is brass). You typically get pure copper in 200$+ sets.

Unfortunately, some custom cable builders use generic stuff you could find on Ebay or Ali because of the cost effectiveness. In my experience, these type of generic brands are rarely made from copper, or even brass, as they claim to be. They're often made from cheap alloys (pot metal) that contain only trace amounts of copper. Worse yet, many of them even contain iron, which creates magnetic fields that will interfere with all your cables and components. 

I use genuine SonarQuest non-plated red copper plugs. I prefer no plating because gold, or even silver plating often includes a nickel to harden the metal and add to its brightness. I prefer a pure copper approach. Nickel is a harder metal but is much less conductive than copper.

Sonarquest uses cryogenic -196 degrees treatment increase the density of metal, hardness and impact toughness. Use of concave and convex security design insure perfect contact that can withstand the pull of 8KG. Sonarquest are the real deal and the absolute best bargain in power connectors.


Very solidly built. Each pole is terminated with high quality, thick Panduit brand 12-10 awg copper fork spades to insure very solid grip. Not only is every single strand held solidly in place but, as seen in pictures, the contact area of the fork and the plug are perfectly flush (see pictures). This much contact area is difficult when screwing down the wire directly. The thicker the cable the more difficult to use all the strands. With this design the entire gauge of the 10 awg wire is utilized. Even Furutech warns that if the wire used is 10awg, a fork should be used.

No bells and whistles here. Just a very solid, easy to work with, 10 awg real cooper cable at a terrific price. Which is more than can be said for a lot of cables out there. I think it looks pretty good too!

I have sold close to 300 of these since I introduced it five months ago. The vast majority on another audio market in Canada (user: rich55). Many repeat buyers have bought 6, 7, even 8, to use them system wide, with great results.
Most have noted an immediate and very noticeable improvement in bass performance. Increased presence, speed and clarity in lower frequencies. With time, many more subtle improvements have also have been noted. A few that come up often are increased soundstage, better coherence and better flow, among other things.
I am convinced you, like past buyers, will be very impressed by the appearance, built quality, attention to detail, and performance of this cable.



15.00$ SHIPPING FLAT FEE in continental USA
New shipping box. Items securely held in place with thick shipping paper. Nothing loose.
Connectors and heat shrink part of the cables always protected by bubble wrap.