AnsuzMainz8 DiamondusedAnsuz Mainz8 Diamond - Power Distribution Unit - Amazing Performer & Upgrade!!!!For sale is the very powerful and innovative Mainz8 Diamond by Ansuz. The unit is completely designed by Michael Borressen (think Raidho, Aavik, and Ansuz) and is a ground-breaking way to improve ...2200.00

Ansuz Mainz8 Diamond - Power Distribution Unit - Amazing Performer & Upgrade!!!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale is the very powerful and innovative Mainz8 Diamond by Ansuz.  The unit is completely designed by Michael Borressen (think Raidho, Aavik, and Ansuz) and is a ground-breaking way to improve the performance of your entire system. 
More details regarding the features of this power distributor can be found below in the technical highlights however, in sum, the unit lowers noise floors without added inductance (key factor), identifies a proper star ground around the heart of your system (preamp or integrated), and provides both passive and active Sparkz - 18 in total to handle/re-shape noise.  It features 8 outlets and can be daisy-chained with a second unit for up to 16 outlets for even the most complex of systems!! 

We have used the power distribution bar in countless systems and it will have a dramatic and positive effect on any HiFi without the annoying side-effects of timing smear because it does NOT add inductance.  Lower noise floor, blacker backgrounds, greater separation, without choking dynamics - simply put - more music!!!  
We particularly love to use it on our Naim, Aavik, and Soulution systems but again it will work with any electronics!! 
For years both Michael and Lars of Ansuz have said that this is their most important and innovative product in creating a proper electrical foundation for a HiFi system and we agree.  This model, after serving faithfully for years, has now been officially discontinued due to the forthcoming new power distribution range from Ansuz available late Spring/early Summer.
We have several units available for sale.  They come with full warranty and will be sold from best (9) to worst condition (7) in terms of small nicks and blemishes - place your order early and get a like new demo unit!!  
(We have listed the condition overall in our advertisement as 8 to account for the average condition of the units - again, some have a few small nicks here and there (7) and some are like new (9).
Also, if you don't require a box or manual we can reduce the sale price on that unit by $150 to compensate you for the missing packaging.  (Of course we will securely package the unit for your enjoyment.)


Ansuz Mainz 8 Way Distributor D
Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributor can be seen as the heart of an optimized system. The Mainz8 features star grounding and the unique Ansuz Sparkz and NSC technologies. The Mainz8 will definitely improve your listening environment.

Mainz8 Power Distributor
Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributor is a Mains and Ground distribution unit. It has 8 Dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system. When using the Mainz8 try to connect the Main Ground to your pre- or integrated amplifier where your sources are connected. Doing this will minimize the ground potential between your devices and thus minimize ground current and signal induced fluctuations.


NSC technology®
Noise Suppressing Coil technology
Coil technology that very efficiently suppresses electrical noise.


Mainz8 - US

Mainz8 - EU 


Connecting Mainz8 in “Daisy-chain”
If you have more devices than there is outlets in one Mainz8 it possible to run more of them in series like the drawing below. By adding the ground connector cable to the second unit will share the same star ground, therefore creating a daisy chain.


To simplify things, we have chosen to produce the Mainz8 in only 2 quality levels: A- and D-level but it will work with cables in all Ansuz levels as well as cables and accessories from other brands.

With the DIAMOND-series, we’ve combined all of our technologies – DGC, DIHC and NSC - with our best materials and the best mechanical qualities available. Nothing has been spared in order to offer you a higher reference level than what has been possible to experience up until now. The precision-turned aluminum items have received surface treatment with a diamond/carbon connection in a particle accelerator for a period of 18 hours, all in order to guarantee the unique tonal characteristics of the D-series cables.

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