Aavik AcousticsU-300 Integrated AmplifierusedAavik Acoustics U-300 Integrated Amplifier.  Class D amp dream amp for Borresen, Raidho, Kroma Audio, Fink Team and many more - ultra fast, quiet and musical!Buy with confidence from authorized AAVIK FLAGSHIP DEALER and prestigious audio consultants / system designers Blink HIgh End. -------------------------------------------------------------------...18500.00

Aavik Acoustics U-300 Integrated Amplifier. Class D amp dream amp for Borresen, Raidho, Kroma Audio, Fink Team and many more - ultra fast, quiet and musical!

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Buy with confidence from authorized AAVIK FLAGSHIP DEALER and prestigious audio consultants / system designers Blink HIgh End
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please contact us with questions:   www.blinkhighend.com [email protected] 617-225-0700

Showroom demo in superb mint condition, audition also now at Blink High End the brand new AAVIK U-380.
US power. - with full Aavik Acoustics 5 year warranty. 
State of the art integrated amplifier, retail $30,000, This U-300 is one of two super mint condition show room demos. 
Come by in Boston and audition the full AAVIK line, including U-150, C300 class A pre amplifier with M-300 monoblocks.  

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History: The U-300 by Aavik Acoustics was created by dream team Michael Borresen and Lars Kristensen, is handbuilt in Denmark. 

U-300s are incredibly musical, providing a world class soundstage, ultra low noise floor, highest realism and dynamics to die for. 
Unlike so many other brands, they are a joy to operate and provide a tube like fluid musicality, contradicting everything we believed about digital amplifiers. 
With the U-300 AAVIK made its stellar debut in the crowded amplfier scene and rose quickly to fame with new intelligent design choices.    
Don Saltzman wrote the following at the Absolute Sound: "After living with the U-300 for over three months, I still look forward to every listening session and am still discovering subtle nuances in old recordings I thought I knew well. I get goosebumps at almost every session. 
Fun bonuses that don’t affect the sound: It’s nice to turn on the whole system with a single switch; it’s refreshing not to have to turn on the air-conditioning every time I play the system for more than an hour; it’s a pleasure to only need a few cables and power cords to hook up the entire system. 
To answer my own question, I believe the U-300 offers enormous value, even at $30,000. When considering the combined cost of separates that are truly competitive with the Aavik, the U-300 is a relative bargain in today’s high-end scene. 
To my way of thinking, the U-300 is a game-changer in the high-end industry. It is now possible to think about state-of-the-art performance for all necessary electronics in a single, very stylish box. The U-300 welcomes with open arms almost any speakers, not just monitors or high-sensitivity models. I hope some of you take or make the opportunity to audition the U-300. I think you’ll be impressed." 
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Weight 16.5 kg  Dimensions 100 × 440 × 370 mm  Chassis Finish: anodized aluminum matte black
Display small LED lights indicating current volume/gain/source/cartridge settings
Phono / RIAA The Aavik U-300 RIAA section is based on a discreet, floating, balanced, ultra-low noise, bipolar input circuit. 
By nature, the topology of a moving coil cartridge is a floating, balanced signal generator. We have kept this floating, balanced circuit topology throughout the phono stage. The floating input circuitry allows us to use ultra-low noise, bipolar transistors. By paralleling several transistor pairs, we have created a dead-quiet input section. The Aavik U-300 phono stage has a 63 dB gain, and the cartridge loading is adjustable from 50Ω to 5kΩ. The phono section of the Aavik U-300 will let you explore the amazing details and musical depths of your vinyl collection!   
DAC  The Aavik U-300 DAC section is designed around 5 digital inputs, which all excel in performance. The DAC performs without any digital signature, which makes any music sound “analog”. The digital circuits are created with the best high frequency skills tools available and great care was embedded in the PCB design. We made a lot of effort to ensure we have a 100% equal treatment of the differential signals, with time-aligned, ultra-short, 4-layer PCB traces. The DAC’s circuits are fitted with ultra-low jitter onboard clocks in order to minimize timing errors in the digital-to-analog conversion. In the Aavik U-300 all DAC circuits are isolated with 13 onboard, separate low-noise, high-PSSR voltage regulators each feeding only one stage of the signal handling. The USB input is galvanic isolated to avoid noise pollution from the host. The digital signals from the 5 digital inputs are routed to an ASRC, where they are resampled and re-clocked to 200 kHz/24 bit PCM, feeding current output DAC chips. The current-to-voltage conversion is performed with a differential floating topology with virtual GND. This isolates the signal path from the potential GND noise and signal induced GND modulation.
Line Stage / Volume Control The Aavik U-300 line stage uses a unique, inverted, virtual GND amplifier topology, which preserves the finest musical details on a dark, quiet, black background. The line stage gain can be adjusted between 3-6-12 dB. These adjustments give you the opportunity to adjust individual levels of all inputs on the Aavik U-300 amplifier. The volume control is realized with a resistor ladder (R2R) circuit in 80 1dB steps.

SPECS:  Output 2 x 300 W/8Ω, 2 x 600 W/4Ω,  Distortion: <0.005% (THD+N: 1-100 W / 8Ω), IMD<0.0008%, TIM<0.002% (10W, 8Ω)
Phono 96,00Floating RCA (1 set), Load-impedance adjustable from 50Ω to 5 kΩ, Frequency response: +/-0.15dB (20-20 kHz),  Noise < -100dB re @ 2V out,  Distortion < 0.01% (20-20 kHz),  RIAA correction curve,  Gain: 62 dB

Line Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Gain adjustable in 3 steps (3, 6, 12 dB), Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Digital 2 x RCA SPDIF (32 – 192 k-samples, 24 bit), 2 x TOSLINK optical (32 – 96 k-samples, 24 bit), 1 x USB fully isolated, UAC 2, asynchronous (PCM 32 – 192 k-samples, 24 bit)
Volume Control Volume adjustable from -100 dB to 0 dB in 80 1 dB steps 

Last, our clients in Boston and all over the US tell us this is the best looking integrated amplifier they have seen, with the most immersive sound they've experienced.

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