Weiss EngineeringAFI1usedWeiss Engineering AFI1Reference audio interface in MINT condition. Made in Switzerland.I am the original owner. Owner’s manual and Original padded shipping box included (see photos).Description from Weiss Engineering:...1699.00

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Weiss Engineering AFI1 [Expired]

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Reference audio interface in MINT condition.  Made in Switzerland.

I am the original owner.  Owner’s manual and Original padded shipping box included (see photos).

Description from Weiss Engineering:
Inputs  The inputs to the AFI1 consist of four XLR sockets for the AES/EBU signals and two TOSLINK sockets for eight channels each of ADAT format signals. The number of ADAT channels scale with the sampling frequency, i.e. the sixteen channels are there at 44.1 or 48 kHz, while at 88.2 or 96 kHz there are eight ADAT channels available and at 176.4 or 192 kHz there are four ADAT channels available. The number of AES/EBU channels stays constant for all sampling frequencies though. 
Outputs  The outputs from the AFI1 follow the same connector scheme and restrictions as the inputs. There are two Firewire 400 sockets for connecting the computer and for daisy chaining more Firewire devices. Inthat manner the number of channels can be multiplied by adding more AFI1 interfaces to the bus.
Synchronization  The AFI1 is synchronized via an internal sampling frequency generatoror via any of the input connectors. There also are BNC connectors available for feeding an external word-sync signal and for taking out the word-sync signal from the AFI1 to synchronize other equipment.
Configuration switches  Configuration switches at the back of the unit allow for setting the dual wire mode for the AES/EBU inputs/outputs (active at 176.4 or 192 kHz), for switching the ADAT interfaces off in case they are not used, which saves on Firewire bus bandwidth and for setting the synchronization frequency in the case of the dual wire mode.
Front panel controls  The front panel shows a power switch and three LEDs for power on indication, Firewire connection indication and synchronization lock indication.
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