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 A classic word meaning an assemblage of pieces together made to function as one.

For the best power transfer from source to an endpoint, it is recommended to connect all devices to a single reference point which can manage the noise floor of an entire system.


A robust signal filtering system built from the ground up to address all forms of electronic noise. 

Slipstream PLR™ system of connections aimed at stabilizing the signal as it travels between components.

A compact design that is portable and easy to set up in minutes. 

Advanced technology built without the need for a power supply source to effectively function.

A low profile footprint made to fit tight spaces.

Passive Architecture ensures a stable signal path built with the concept of stabilizing a system's noise floor. All devices must interact as one. This means optimum impedance matching helps a system to reach maximum potential.

  Wave Stream Hybrid Technology™ is a proprietary filtering system that provides: 

A single noise management tool for the user.

Attracts all forms of electronic noise including RF and Parasitic noise shunting the effects and helping to produce a purer signal.

The Mosaic eliminates harmonic distortion and increases the dynamic capability of a high fidelity system.   
" I am writing this brief review for those who are skeptical about trying this product. I wanted a simple way to boost my sweat spot. After a long session at my best friend's house, I came home and found my system lacked the height and width that my friend's system does so well.  I am not a believer in tweaks but after speaking to Luis, I had the confidence to try the Mosaic.   After the Mosaic arrived I made three connections based on Luis's recommendation, and within a few minutes, things turned for the better. And after an hour I am thrilled. I have a huge soundstage and bass that I never heard before. I am smitten with how this could make such a difference.  Please mention this to your potential customers that you make a great product."  Henry K. 

Reduce noise levels between components caused by mismatched impedances and individual Ground Plane. 

Discover how impedance paths can raise the noise floor and compromise the dynamic range of a system.  

Speaker and amp interface is a critical part of a great performing system.
Discover what is missing from your music. Ask yourself, how much improvement can I expect with the Mosaic connected to my speaker system. Yes, the Mosaic/speaker connection has been done successfully and recently demonstrated at Capital Audio Fest 2019.

What happens when a passive filtering system redefines the noise level for each component? What happens to the performance level? Please check our reviews.

As a Passive System, the Mosaic works very well with a multitude of Ground noise filtering devices and at times significant performance changes can occur.

Customer feedback:  "I am very impressed with the Mosaic. Works surprisingly well with my Ground Box. Love the increase in rhythm and pace. I did not realize how slow my analog set up was until I tried the Mosaic on my turntable"

Reviews are great for us and are easily found on our website. What matters most is turning folks from skeptical observers to believers. They are inspiring us to do more events. They have become our best customers.

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