LuxmanB-1000fusedNEW IN BOX Luxman B-1000f monoblocks (pair) 115v official U.S. ImportAlso have a set of open box in better than 9/10 asking for $30,000. We have our personal pair for demo so this open box was just it, an open box. To celebrate their 80’th Anniversary, Luxman desi...35000.00

NEW IN BOX Luxman B-1000f monoblocks (pair) 115v official U.S. Import

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Also have a set of open box in better than 9/10 asking for $30,000.  We have our personal pair for demo so this open box was just it, an open box.  

To celebrate their 80’th Anniversary, Luxman designed a
cost no object reference amplifier & matching preamp.

The heart of any amplifier is the transformer; this is a bespoke design using flat
copper bar, that could be stacked neatly together without leaving much of an
air gap. Normally the copper strands are covered with a shellac or lacquer but
Luxman thought these coatings imparted a dullness to the sound so instead they
wrapped the copper in rice paper. The raw transformer weighs almost 56 lbs took
a skilled artisan almost a day to make by hand.

The output from the transformer is bolted to a solid copper bus bar and the bespoke
capacitors are also bolted (not soldered) to the copper bus bar for the
tightest possible mechanical connection.

Fully balanced design. The power supply is 115 volt and designed by Luxman
specifically for the N. American market.

The main circuit board is a Teflon covered by a plastic film & printed to
indicate where the copper traces need to be laid & the components inserted
& soldered into place. The film is removed & the copper received a gold
plating, as copper oxidises over time & loses its connectivity. 

factory rated output is 30 WPC, 8 ohm, class A that doubles down to 1
ohm.  After the class A the output slides into class AB, rated
at 250 WPC into 8 ohms. But SoundStage measurements show 300 WPC into 8 ohms.

power rating of 2,000 WPC into 1 ohm.

Its this remarkable attention to detail that delivered Luxman’s finest
amplifiers.  For many these  will prove to be the last amplifiers they
need ever buy as they are sweet & musical, yet deliver sledgehammer like
bass when called upon.  

We used these amplifiers for many years to demonstrate the Vivid Audio Giya G1 but
they would also drive Wilson Alex / Alexia or Magico M series or YG Sonias with
equal aplomb.

These amplifiers are too heavy for FedEx or UPS’ normal service’s, so we will ship
strapped & wrapped to a pallet. 150+ lb each net. Over 180 lb shipping



Shipping cost not included.  PayPal or C.C. + 3.5%. 

CA residents will need to pay sales tax.      

Please do not hesitate to contact ON A Higher Note with any questions or for high res photos. Happy to share our experience with mechanical resonance isolation, etc.

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