AidasMammoth Gold demo broken in usedAidas Mammoth Gold demo broken inAidas “Mammoth Gold” Phono Cartridge Store Reference Demo (just broken in less than 125 hours) full factory warranty and seriously a true absolute reference and it and the van den Hul Strativarius ...3249.00

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Aidas Mammoth Gold demo broken in [Expired]

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Aidas “Mammoth Gold” Phono Cartridge Store Reference Demo (just broken in less than 125 hours) full factory warranty and seriously a true absolute reference and it and the van den Hul Strativarius are the finest absolute reference cartridges I have even heard !

Have you ever wondered what a best in the world cartridge sounds like ❓ This is your opportunity.
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Stereo Times wrote:

Conclusion :

There was a brief time when I had both Aidas cartridges in house, so I decided to do a quick comparison. I kept in mind that while the Black Sound-Red Heart was good and broken in, the Mammoth Gold was new. I also had to consider that the new cartridge was far more expensive.

With those caveats, what I found was that both cartridges were well-built, excellent trackers that render music wonderfully. The main difference is that the Mammoth Gold, with its unique body material and refined design and use of higher quality materials, simply allows it to deliver a little bit more of… well, everything. More musical detail, a sharper rendering of instruments and a decidedly more spacious and realistic soundstage. But this is not to say that the level of performance of the less expensive cartridge was not satisfying, it is. In fact, I was very close to purchasing that cartridge because of its performance… and the fact that I could afford it. Who knows, I still might. It’s that good. But back to my Gold Coast analogy. Right now, I’m probably more of a Wrigleyville kind of guy, but if I could afford the Mammoth Gold, I would be moving into that neighborhood. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



dave thomas    



Body: 23,000 years old Mammoth ivory task
Cantilever: Namiki / Adamant boron composite
Stylus:"Namiki" MicroRidge
Output: 0.28mV
Magnet system: AlNiCo5
Tracking force: 1.6-1.8g.
Compliance lateral: 12 um/mN
Cartridge weight:  10.1-10.1g.
Recommended loading: 4 ohms
Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz
Channel balance: >1dB/1kHz
Coils: copper 0.03mm
Mount: thread  M2.5x0.45, 1/2 inch / 12.7mm standard between the holes 
Trackability at 300Hz/1.6g: 70-80uM
Vertical tracking angle: 20 degrees 
Recommended tonearm mass: medium

Damping system: 2X
Break-in period: 50 hours

Price: $8,000.00

As new and BARELY Broken in from authorized dealer and comes with factory warranty and Weinhart Design's highest recommendations !

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