AudioQuestRedwood 8' pr NICE Spk cablesusedAudioQuest Redwood 8' pr NICE Spk cablesAudioquest Redwood "Tree Series" Speaker Cables; 8ft Pair terminated in Spades sending and receiving... ...2495.00

AudioQuest Redwood 8' pr NICE Spk cables [Expired]

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Audioquest Redwood "Tree Series" Speaker Cables; 8ft Pair terminated in Spades sending and receiving...

Cable Length


Highly regarded and at $2,495 a real value originally $6,800.

No low offers considered. All trade in's gladly considered.


Solid 6 x PSS / 10 x PSC +


Double Counter-Spiral

Foamed-Polyethylene (For all positive conductors)

Noise-Dissipation System:
Multi-Layer Carbon-Based Noise and Crosstalk-Dissipation System

Black/Dark Red Braid

Termination Options:
Full-Range, Single-BiWire, Double-BiWire, Single-BiAmp, REL and Naim

Standard Plug:
Choice of SureGrip 1000 Multi-Spade or BFA/Banana (Silver Only)

Custom Length Options:
Yes, Call for details


Audio Quest – Redwood – Speaker Cables (Pair)

Redwood stands as a giant among its peers. The carefully finessed combination of Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ and Perfect-Surface Silver conductors allow your music to present a sound field that is both large (as it was intended) and coherent. The addition of silver offers a significant improvement in ease and resolution.

Redwood uses a carefully finessed combination of Perfect-Surface Copper+ and extremely high-purity Perfect-Surface Silver conductors in a Self-Shielding Counter-Spiral HyperLitz. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, which is the greatest single source of distortion in an audio cable or an AC power cable. Surface quality is critical because a conductor can be considered as a rail-guide for both the electric fields within a conductor, and for the magnetic fields outside the conductor. The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other coppers. Extremely high-purity PSS further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist within any metal conductor.23


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