EgglestonWorksAndra IIusedEgglestonWorks Andra IIThese speakers are outstanding in sound and beauty. But don’t take my word for it. You can read the Sterophile review at These speak...8000.00

EgglestonWorks Andra II [Expired]

no longer for sale

These speakers are outstanding in sound and beauty.  But don’t take my word for it.  You can read the Sterophile review at  These speakers have a granite shell which reduces vibration, our enemy (please read more on that below).  A brief description follows: frequency range 17Hz-25kHz; drive-units 1” tweeter, two 6” midrange, two 12” woofers; sensitivity 88.5dB/W/m (91 dB in-room); recommended minimum power 30W; height 46” width 15” depth 18”; weight 215 lbs.  These speakers are in very good condition in my opinion but wanted to be conservative with the condition grading scale.  These speakers have a highly polished granite veneer.  Even though the packing boxes are lined with styrofoam, it produced hair thin scratches on the back of the speakers which is difficult to see without bright light. On the sloping top of the speakers, there are fine 'blotches' again from the styrofoam.  I cannot see these unless there is a light source at just the right angle to see them which requires my head to be in back of the speakers.  Otherwise if looking at the speakers from the front, I cannot see them.   The front of the speakers are in excellent condition.

I am the original owner.  I will pay to insure the second speaker for the agreed upon price for the pair.  If something happens to one, both are lost otherwise.  I will also pay for the shipment of the speaker stands and vibration control platforms.  They are all in separate original packing boxes.

Two things that I think that are largely overlooked when it comes to speakers is vibration control and room location.  Vibration from the speaker should be sinked IMO.  Speaker spikes do not do that.  I have done some experimentation and here is what I found.  The speakers sound best if sitting flat on a vibration absorbing platform.  Please see pictures of wooden speaker stands and vibration absorbing platform on which the speakers can sit flat.  This is what I used.  Transparency is markedly enhanced.

Lastly is speaker placement in the room relative to your listening chair.  Eggleston has specific recommendations in the owner's manual which differs from previous speakers that I have used.  And you should consider controlling side wall reflections from the speakers. I used Acoustic Sciences tube traps with great results (I have these if you are interested).

So included in the price are the speakers, wooden speaker stands and vibration absorbing platforms. I hooked these speakers up with Joule Electra VZN-160 Marquis OTL monoblocks (also for sale).  Wonderful combination for outstanding sound.

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