Joule ElectraVZN-160 mkIII MarquisusedJoule Electra VZN-160 mkIII MarquisBeautiful Output Transformerless (OTL) monoblocks Class A power with 160 wpc each into 8 Ohms. I rated them in very good condition primarily because of their age otherwise I consider them to be in...7500.00

Joule Electra VZN-160 mkIII Marquis [Expired]

no longer for sale

Beautiful Output Transformerless (OTL) monoblocks Class A power with 160 wpc each into 8 Ohms.  I rated them in very good condition primarily because of their age otherwise I consider them to be in excellent condition.  I am the second owner.  When purchased the amps went straight to Joule Electra for the latest updates which I think was primarily in-boarding the previously out boarded power supply.  So when I received them, they were like new.

The musical qualities of detail and transparency of these amps is outstanding.  That in part is likely due to changing out the driver stage tubes.  I spent probably at least a year changing out the driver stage tubes with different brands until I found the best sounding ones (at least to my ear).  I was looking for the perfect rendition of the sound of a violin.  Lots of tweaking on the front end as well as the amps.  Here is what I have in the driver stage. 6DJ8: 7308 Amprex PQ (premium quality) with 2 stars gold pins made in Holland; 5751: Sylvania Gold Brand gold pins triple mica; 6350: Sylvania black plate cryo treated (matching pairs for each amp) 1950’s vintage. On top of each driver tube is a Top Hat weight to diminish vibration.  These are free of charge. These tubes are ~$1300 upgrade to these amps.  I also have several spare Russian made 6C33B tubes.  I have tube dampers for these ~$14 apiece free of charge. The fuses have also been upgraded. The power cords that came with the amps were generic. However, I do have Nite power cords of various lengths that are in excellent condition one of the vintage versions that are remarkably sounding and inexpensive (please see ad for these).  I strongly encourage you to upgrade the power cords to ones of your choice.  Two power cords are required per amp.  I plugged the driver section cord into my power conditioner and the high amp section directly into the wall. Power requirement per monoblock is 500W. I also have the original manuals and shipping boxes.  One caution is that these amps run hot as you might expect.  So be careful if you have small children.  I will be happy to walk you through the setup of these amps.  It's not difficult but will take some time.

You should be aware that you can't use these amps with just any speakers. Being OTL does mean that these amps will not work very well with current demanding speakers of low input impedance (lower than 4 ohms).  So please check out your speakers.

Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you are interested please read reviews that discuss the pros and cons of these amps ( Initial setup does take some tweaking. After that a few things should be periodically checked requiring very little time. 

I believe that Jud Barber the owner and brains behind Joule Electra equipment retired and the company no longer exists.  However, there is a person who trained with Jud who repairs Joule Electra equipment.  So there is still support for repairs if needed.  I will be happy to share this information if you purchase the amps.

Lastly, these amps have not been used for 8 years because I had no place to set them up.  Just moved and still the same problem so I am selling.  I set them up for the pictures and tested them and are working perfectly.  

There is no better sound than that from an OTL amp IMHO and these are one of the best.

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