Siare Sigma 400usedSiare  Sigma 400 - New Price - Restored 1980's from FranceSIARE AUDIO from France--RARE VINTAGE SPEAKER In fact this is the pair of Speakers of this Brand to be ever posted here on Audiogon !This SIGMA MODEL 400 three way front ported speaker is from the ...495.00

Siare Sigma 400 - New Price - Restored 1980's from France [Expired]

no longer for sale


In fact this is the pair of Speakers of this Brand to be ever posted here on Audiogon !

This SIGMA MODEL 400 three way front ported speaker is from the early 1980's.

These speakers have gone thru a Restoration Make-Over

* Cabinets have been completely refinished ,sanded and restained with several coats of Walnut Stain with a Special Clear finishing coats of Lacquer.

* The 8" Woofer , 3" Midrange as well as the 1" Tweeter have been reformed and metal enclosures restored to original as new condition.

* The Voice Coils & Crossover Networks have been replaced as well.

* The Front Grills have Brand New Fitted grill cloth as per the original.

* As the Photos will show all the corners of both speakers are sharp and crisp as new.

*  Minor Cosmetic Imperfections- the "Risers" on the bottom of the speakers have a the black veneer band around them which in a couple places has lifted off the heavy duty particle board as well one back bottom corner edge has a small area that has some wear.

* How Do They Sound ?

I have owned these speakers for ten years and just played them for the first time on 12/18/19. They have been boxed up and carefully wrapped only pend the boxes to inspect them those many years ago. This is what happens sometimes to we "Addicted Audiophiles " we lose track what we have hidden I hooked them up to a McIntosh MA 6100 Vintage Integrated Amplifier I then listened to quite a bit of vinyl and cd's over a span of a few hours and will continue to until I sell them.   

Like the Classic KEF AND JBL Rare Audiophile Speakers that we all know the Siare Sigma's excelled in every range as to portray the music as if the musicians were in your presence playing "live". 

The Bass extension was tight and extended playing very part of each note to its fullest in the many Classic Jazz Bluenote recordings I played.  In the Midrange the mid bass and mid high frequency range presentation of the brass and piano rendered them with a black background with in musical passages themselves with a depth, weight and soundstage of speakers in the $2,000 range of speakers today ! 

  The Highs in the Tweeter were pitch perfect  with a clarity and crispness that also belied warmth not edgy , strident or cold  sounding truly amazing.

I fully tested each of these regions of the the soundstage spectrum with the listening session leading me saying "Should I really Sell Them "? 

Of course this is the Audio Addiction speaking... 

You would be getting a First Class Vintage speaker which has been completely restored for many years of musical listening enjoyment for sure.   

Note: They are 11"wide, 28" in height and 14 1/2" in depth. They weigh about 40 pounds each.  The speakers will be Professional packed and boxed .

All Paypal and Shipping Costs payed for by the buyer.

I will insure the speakers for the Full Priced paid for them.

Thank you for your interest...