AkikoTriple AC EnhancernewAkiko Triple AC Enhancer on saleThis ad is for one new Akiko triple AC Enhancer Mark 3. This is a sale price. Product Description The Akiko Triple AC Enhancer is the follow up to the AC Tuning Stick. This new device is more pow...320.00

Akiko Triple AC Enhancer on sale [Expired]

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This ad is for one new Akiko triple AC Enhancer Mark 3. This is a sale price.

Product Description

The Akiko Triple AC Enhancer is the follow up to the AC Tuning Stick. This new device is more powerful and precise in its purification of your power.  Read the 6Moons review of this product below and see why the engineers at Akiko are gaining a reputation as some of the world’s foremost experts in audio power filtration.


“…the first tones made clear how the sound had changed. Michiel Borstlap’s Steinway gained in soundboard presence. The Spruce wood became more ‘woody’. There was no shift in timbre or tonality, just a riddance of sonic stress. Things got more relaxed and soothing.”

“Notes flowed more liquid and tones were more organic. Still, the sound of steely strings hit in the piano’s higher registers remained unaltered, not smoothed or filtered. Enriched is the word which describes what happened best even though it could imply that something was added which is not the case.”

“Experimenting with and without the Akiko Triple AC demonstrated how the emotional content of this recording was highly ‘under the influence’…With the help of the big black stick, we felt far more pulled into the music.”

“Playing the album’s fully electrified music with and without the Triple AC proved again how that Dutch device is almost essential to extracting the most of any recording.”

“regardless of exactly how the Akiko Triple AC works, it is one of the most effective accessories on the current audio after market. It’s absolutely fair price makes it an ideal Xmas stocking or the perfect gift for the music lover on any occasion - even if said music lover ends up buying it herself. Whenever a hifi accessory is under consideration, the Triple AC must be a mandatory choice.”



A completely new developed premium product that ensures cleaner power for your set.

There are three compartments on the inside, provided with three new active materials and brought together in a stylish housing made from woven carbon and stabilized with black resin to suppress unwanted microphonic effects.

The metal foil sticker has been energetically treated; comparable to WA Quantum products.

This all works because we applied new discoveries in the field of high frequency noise suppression. That it works has also been demonstrated through measurements: suppressing high frequency noise leads to a more pleasant music rendering in the audio spectrum.


Which improvements can you expect?

- Analogue sound: immediately audible; not subtle!

- Music is experienced as more natural and cleaner.

- Remarkable improvements of the voice rendering; fuller sounds and less troublesome ‘S’ sounds.



- In the power strip, where the equipment is also connected.

- In the socket, where the equipment is also connected.


The Akiko Triple Compared to the Akiko AC Tuning Stick

The new Akiko Triple device uses 75% different internal materials than the AC Stick, for more precise filtering and is about 3x as large. The AC Stick is still an excellent choice if the Triple is beyond your budget.



- The wiring of the Triple AC Enhancer is solely connected to the grounding, which is absolutely safe.

- The product does not contain any metals, ferrite or power filtering on the inside.

- The Audiograde AC Gold Connector belongs to the Akiko Audio brand.

- Available from Jaguar only with the US plug version.

- Carbon housing length: 160 mm (6.25").

- Weight: 650 grams (1.43lb).

- The Triple AC Enhancer is the high end premium version of the Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC.

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