ThraxTeres Cost no object Mono BlocksusedThrax Teres Cost no object Mono BlocksTHRAX Teres Transformer Coupled hybrid mono block "as new" pair cost no object in handsome Black a true Reference tube pair of ...12895.00

Thrax Teres Cost no object Mono Blocks [Expired]

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  • THRAX Teres  Transformer Coupled hybrid mono block "as new" pair cost no object in handsome Black a true Reference tube pair of amplifier's ready to be enjoyed by you❓

                      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ‼️
  • Price lowered for fast sale at this price as new it will not last 🎶 👍👍...

    Less than 200 hours barely broken in with factory boxes.

    A truly great opportunity & the matching Phono section the Thrax Orpeus Phono reg $19,500 for $10,500 both also as new and one owner and as new factory boxed both listed on Audiogon separately.

    Teres is based on classic tube amplifier topology. Tube clarity and tone with might and power.

  • Audiophile long life input tube
  • Silicon carbide rectifiers
  • Shunt regulated power supply
  • Solar cell bias of output stage
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • NO feedback
  • Special grade screened power transformer
  • JFET/MOSFET cascode output
  • Available in stereo and mono version's
  • =============================

    Single-ended tube input stage loaded with a phase splitting transformer controlling 2 separate out of phase single-ended amplifiers for output.
    The tube handles all the voltage gain needed. It uses a new generation or our choke rectified shunt regulated power supply providing a noise-free operating point.
    The output stages power JFET cascodes form a bridge that when unbalanced by the input signal via the 2 transformer windings restores balance by adjusting their current conduction through the load. The 2 output stages actually enclose the load in their control loops and try to correct each-others errors reducing the distortion to insignificant amounts, leaving the "character" of the input stage untouched. To reduce the amount of heat generated the amplifier is biased so only the first few watts are in true class A. Music has a crest factor of 10 on average. This means that most of the time we listen with 1/10th of the peak levels. For most users this translates to under 5W. Peaks can reach over 100watts during playback, but only for few milliseconds. For those peaks the amplifier switches to class B using only one leg of the output stage capable to deliver up to 250W/8ohm and 350w/4ohm (120W/8Ohm and 170W/4Ohm Stereo).
    Not sharing a common reference point apart from the load itself makes the second leg correct for any error produced by the first one. The result is an amplifier capable of extreme power while delivering exquisite smoothness and low-level resolution. The driver stage is isolated by the interstage transformer and is not influenced in any way by the output stage maintaining tone colour and resolution at all power levels and loads.
    Having the output stages floating around the load prompted for the use of a unique biasing technique powered by solar cells. This was the quietest galvanic isolated power we could come up with. Using opto-electrical conversion we control the bias by adjusting light intensity in the control circuit.
    Teres is an example of modern technology solving age-old problems allowing us to go a step beyond.
    The physical appearance of Teres has the kind of understated elegance typical for Thrax. The exquisite aluminum finish adds to the presentation of a solid block of metal like a bigger brother of Heros. Technical Specifications Inputs XLR and RCA Output Power Mono Version: 250W in 8Ω / 350W in 4Ω
    Stereo Version: 150W in 8Ω / 200W in 4Ω Gain Mono Version: 26db
    Stereo Version: 20db Power supply 115 or 230V Power consumption Max.700W Weight 35 Kg Dimensions 340W x 400D x 230H mm
    Stereo Times said:


    Rumen Artaski was right, the Thrax Audio is addictive and I need HELP because I am hooked. Yep, I pulled the trigger and purchased this review sample. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that good a product. At $30k, It’s not inexpensive but the Teres hybrid mono amplifier brings so much to the table that, relative to other reference amplifiers in today’s market, it’s a bargain. They produced magic with every listen including a new reference of quiet, speed, and transparency. Timbre rightness coupled with color density and warmth is what ultimately won me over. Hats off to Rumen Artaski for creating a new benchmark so close to his superb sounding Spartacus, with lower voltage and no exposed tubes and can be used with mainstream loudspeakers. The Teres has earned my Stereotimes 2015 “Most Wanted Components’ award. Highly recommended!


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