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Elac SUB-2090 [Expired]

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The ELAC SUB-2090 is a fantastic speaker with enormous power and control producing tight bass with authority and ease.


ELAC subwoofers integrate seamlessly into the overall sound while adding significant low-frequency impact and bringing music and movies to life.

While the choice of model can vary according to room size, all ELAC subwoofers offer impressive sound, superlative workmanship, and exceptional ease of use.

Just how smart can a subwoofer be?

Surprisingly smart as it turns out from the two new models we are about to launch. What do they share in common? An intuitive but comprehensive app-based control interface. Simply pair your iPhone®, iPad® or an Android® device with the new ELAC subwoofers and adjust the sound to your preferences. The ELAC app required can be downloaded free of charge. Now what is really clever about the system is that there are no complicated network connections necessary as subwoofer and mobile device communicate directly via BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy).

For users, this means no more fiddly adjustments at the rear of the subwoofer – for instance, if you want more bass for a movie evening, or if you want to avoid disturbing the neighbors at the dead of night. Four preset modes can be selected at the touch of a finger: Normal, Music, Cinema, and Night. Those who want to explore the possibilities of the app control system further will discover genuine pro-audio options such as a parametric equalizer, a low-pass filter, and individual settings for power-saving auto-on function. However, perhaps the most exciting option is the calibration function, which uses the microphone on your smartphone to listen to the volume, frequency response and sound reflections in the room before automatically optimizing the sound of your ELAC subwoofer.

The new ELAC subwoofers can be connected directly using loudspeaker cables (left, center, right) or stereo RCA cables.

The SUB-2090 in its internal design is much more complex than other Elac subwoofers thanks to the Push-Push/Pull-Pull concept, which employs two 300 mm chassis placed in an opposing configuration and joined by the solid tension rod. The resulting lack of vibration ensures musical and precise reproduction, while the 1200 W BASH® amplifier offers a huge dynamic range.


A look into the cut-off model of the SUB 2070 discloses the principle of two drivers, oppositely positioned but electrically driven in parallel. Thanks to this the acoustical performances of both drivers are added up, but the mechanical forces cancel each other. No mechanical vibrations will disturb the audio reproduction, the result is just pure sound.

Although it is no longer available new, Elac is a big audio manufacturer that will be around for many years if service may be required. 

In Elac's recent product brochure, the SUB-2090 has been renamed 2030 for use in a Home Theater System:

SUB 2030

Deep and dry, this is the sound of the SUB 2030 – just as it should be from a closed box subwoofer with a 300 mm driver. Particularly recommended for ELAC Cinema Set. 


For those who love the silver screen.


Hi-fi at its best ... and ultra-compact: the full complement of loudspea- kers, but with dimensions that belie the true capabilities of the BS 302. The high-gloss paintwork also ma- kes them an elegant addition to any interior. Supported by the powerful SUB 2030, they create a huge soundstage where even the finest details of movies and music are revealed and the lowest frequencies are felt as well as heard.

Please note: A phone or tablet is required to setup the subwoofer.

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