Von Schweikert AudioVR-4usedVon Schweikert Audio VR-4, granite bases, spikes, owner's manual, advertising literature, etc.These original Von Schweikert VR-4 speakers were produced by Albert Von Schweikert in the mid-1990's and were, in my opinion, one of the best values for a traditional floor-standing speaker. They'...1500.00

Von Schweikert Audio VR-4, granite bases, spikes, owner's manual, advertising literature, etc.

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These original Von Schweikert VR-4 speakers were produced by Albert Von Schweikert in the mid-1990's and were, in my opinion, one of the best values for a traditional floor-standing speaker.  They're capable of handling a lot of power and they boasted a new concept to Hi-Fidelity stereo speakers-Virtual Reality!  The cost back then was a very reasonable $3,600 plus tax and shipping.  The examples that I have for sale have the cherry-finished end caps, which again in my opinion, was one of the nicer options at that time.  One of the other unique features of these speakers is the "rear-firing" tweeter.  That was part of the Virtual Reality system that Albert engineered into these VR-4's; it gives them a "spatial reality" that few other speakers can match.  If you're at all familiar with these speakers you'll also already know that they come in 4 separate modules-the bottom bass modules and the top mid-range/tweeter modules.  That makes them easier to transport in your vehicle when you pick them up.  For the record, I've enjoyed these beautiful examples of the VR-4 speakers for over 10 years and I've been feeding them with a steady 500 watts RMS of power when I do choose to listen to them.  To say that they truly sing is an understatement; you really have to hear them to believe it.  Unfortunately, due to age and health, I find that I rarely listen to my system any longer and that tells me that it's time to let someone else enjoy this pleasure. 
There's a picture showing part of my rack-mount SAE equipment in the background.  Please note that this auction is only for the speakers, the large polished granite bases that they sit on, the chrome-polished spikes mounted to the bottom of the speakers, and the original sales brochure and supporting documents that I researched on-line and printed off just after I purchased them.  For the record, I found that by installing spikes and setting the speakers up on granite slabs, the bass tightened up noticeably.  In any case, the most critical thing about hearing these speakers in their full glory is proper room placement.  These are not designed to be put in a corner, although I do have them in corners presently due to the WAF (wife acceptance factor).  They really should be placed a few feet removed from any wall in your listening environment.  I recommend experimenting with placement until you find that "sweet spot" where the bass is solid and tight and the treble tones resonate in the room with joy.  A minor move one way or the other can make a big difference with these speakers.  If you do an on-line search for the VR-4 speaker you'll find quite a bit of reference material.  For my part, I think they're still one of the best "bangs for the buck" that you'll find out there.  I would estimate that you would need to spend at least $7,000 to duplicate the sound that these speakers put out.  The only flaw to report is a minor hole in the sock of one of the speakers.  Since I was more concerned with sound, I never really felt it necessary to address that small hole.  If you feel differently, I believe that replacement socks are still available via the Von Schweikert factory.  Oh, and although the top end caps are in excellent condition, the bottom of the woofer modules have a few nicks here and there (presumably from a vacuum cleaner before I acquired the speakers). 
Also included in this sale is an original (not reproduction) Von Schweikert Research advertising slick preserved in a clear plastic protection sleeve produced in circa 1997.  This was when the factory was located in Watertown, NY well before they moved to their present facility in California.  Along with this beautiful piece of literature I'm including an accompanying piece of literature in excellent condition and preserved in clear plastic protection sleeve titled "Virtual Reality Theatre" also produced in circa 1997.  These two pieces of literature are very difficult to find today, particularly in this condition.  There are several other pieces of literature related to these speakers and I've included a picture of those.  Please note that the Panamax piece of literature shown isn't included.  
Finally, please note that due to size, weight, and complexity, I will not ship these speakers.  You'll need to pick them up if you're the winning bidder.  Furthermore, I'll accept cash (preferably) upon pick up or PayPal (with 2.9% fee).  As with all vintage stereo equipment, I'm not offering any kind of warranty but I do guarantee that they perform as you would expect any 20+ year old speaker to perform; that is to say, they still sound fantastic!  Please don't hesitate to ask any and all questions.  If the SAE pieces that I'm also selling are still in my possession I'll be delighted to demonstrate these speakers to the buyer upon pick-up.  Thanks for reading about these amazing speakers; take care and God bless.

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