VIVALineausedVIVA Linea( ( ( PENDING DEAL ) ) )Viva Linea world class Reference two chassis, cost no object, Tube line stage:Otherworldly, Stunning, Incredible, fantastic. I can't find words to describe this preamp as it...5595.00

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( ( ( PENDING DEAL ) ) )

Viva Linea world class Reference two chassis, cost no object, Tube line stage:

Otherworldly, Stunning, Incredible, fantastic. I can't find words to describe this preamp as it is gorgeous.  

As new factory boxed, audio reference in design & Sound and priced to sell very quickly ‼️       
This is already priced ridiculously well and anyone realizing what this is should run don’t walk and have it in your system. Don’t let this one get away from you.   
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This Viva Linea pre amp with remote volume is gorgeous with matching outboard power supply is perhaps the finest piece of audio art that we have ever seen with the sound quality to match. 
Features Liquid organic sound and styling, Incredible build quality and beautiful enough to display as art and to be used as your reference pre amplifier. 

We have the condition listed as 9 out of 10, excellent.  Honestly, its as new like mint 10 out of 10.  This thing is as close to Mint as possible and likely the finest pre owned one to be found.  

Linea represents our quest for excellence in selecting and delivering signal from the source to the power amplifiers, while providing for volume level control. It offers musical enjoyment through refined dynamics and ultra low distortion. Delivering exceptional sound dynamics

Linea is a unique product due to its extremely short signal path, with only one active stage maintained in the simplest topology. It is built with carefully selected parts and a state-of-the-art output transformer.

Linea has a robust external power supply for delivering unconstrained sound dynamics and impact. At both micro- and macro-levels, dynamic shadings and headroom are limitless. The deep, tight and accurate bass is complemented by the transparent and liquid mid-range frequencies, with the sense of openness and lack of compression in the upper frequencies.

To address the need for separate subwoofers or auxiliary components, Linea provides a secondary output with a preset level. Linea offers buffered output with the level control, ready for bi-amplification. The chassis is made of solid aluminum for best magnetic neutrality and resonance control.

  “Linea is Viva’s finest stereo line preamplifier.”

Dimensions w×h×d:
410×185×410 mm

Weight: 14 kg

Tube Complement:
2×6C45P; 2×6N1Pi;

PSU:Dimensions w×h×d:
410×210×410 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Tube Complement:

Stereo line preamplifier featuring Triode tubes

READ MORE MATERIALS & COLOURS Linea comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors. You can personalize your Linea to match your interior. 

Through our local offices and dealers, we offer the option of helping you set up and connect your Viva Audio equipment in order to ensure the best performance results. FEATURED PRODUCTS ///

SPECIFICATIONS/FEATURES:  Stereo line preamplifier

Triode tubes

One Active Stage for shortest path

Zero feedback single-ended

Class A circuit featuring low noise and incredible transient response

Extremely high quality output transformer, built with special materials

Real point-to-point wiring
Buffered second output with level control, ready for bi-amplification

Four RCA Line Inputs, one RCA direct Input, one XLR Input

Unbalanced and balanced outputs

Output Impedance 130 Ohms allows for long output cables

External 2A3 based power supply

Remote volume control.

Tube Complement:2×6C45P; 2×6N1Pi; 2×300B or 2A3

Dimensions w×h×d:410×185×410 mm

Weight: 14 kg

PSU:Tube Complement:2×2A3

PSU:Dimensions w×h×d:410×210×410 mm

PSU:Weight: 15 kg.

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