Supratek AudioCortese LCR Pre with Ref Phono !usedSuper. Hard to find as new Supratek Cortese LCR. A sipper nice as new pre amp with remote with a world respected reference quality phono section. Hand made in Australia, amazing sound and great ...4499.00

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Super. Hard to find as new Supratek Cortese LCR.  

A sipper nice as new pre amp with remote with a world respected reference quality phono section.  Hand made in Australia, amazing sound and great build quality. Highly sought after and rarely found pre owned as it is know as a "best Value" on a cost no object piece.

CORTESE Phono and Line Stage Pre-amplifier:

​The SUPRATEK CORTESE pre amplifier is a superlative pre amp with a transformer coupled line stage and  a moving coil only phono design using a combination of JFets and EF180, 6H23 tubes to give suitable gain for cartridges as low as 0.2mV with a noise level as good as and surpassing many solid state units. And it achieves this with three valve stages- not the ten or so in many "high tech" modern designs, which curtails transperancy. The design has been refined over many years to be possibly one of the finest MC cartridge tube designs.
Loading values of 10,100,1000 and 47,000 ohms, or as requested, are available from a back panel mounted switch.

The linestage is 6SN7 tube,  transformer coupled  for the total transperancy and absolute drive capability transformer coupling provides. The 6SN7 is chosen for it's sweetness and lack of grain

By "total transperancy" I mean that it has a complete lack of "electronic" sound -it's unvieled and revealing but totally natural. And with a 600 ohm output impedance it drives any power amp effortlessly.
Transformer coupled preamps are very rare in the commercial world as they are expensive to produce but once heard it's very hard to go back to conventional pres which sound thin and sterile in comparism.
The preamp uses a special shunt regulated power supply that contributes to it's clarity ,accurate response and tight bass.

Not one, but two, one for each channel-it's overkill but sonically pleasing-they are the large 5881 tubes towards the rear of chassis.

The power transformers and tube rectifier are in separate chassis for quiet, noise free operation , even with very low gain Moving Coil cartridges.

As with all SUPRATEK amps the transformers are of the finest quality--the power transformer is big enough for a substantial power amp and the   amorphous core output transformers have been specially chosen for the pre amp.

All chassis are made from stainless steel or copper/chrome plated  or other finishes are available.

Beautiful Jarrahwood cabinets make these preamplifiers visually stunning. 
Standard is 4 inputs plus an optional tape monitor with tape record and tape play . Two outputs are supplied-a total of 16 RCA sockets on the back panel. A balanced XLR output is also supplied.

There have been great advances in digital sound in this century, but vinyl still has a wonderfully real and alive sound when used with a tube phono stage of this quality. However your CD's and digital sources  will sound completely revitalised and "alive" with the outstanding attributes of the famous CORTESElinestage.


 ​The CORTESE LCR preamp is identical to the Cortese but uses a LCR (Inductance,Capacitive,Resisitive) network in the RIAA equalistaion network.
The expensive Lundahl inductors used in the LCR preamp give a very worthwhile improvement in the phono stages vividness and sense of midrange realism. LCR networks are used in some of the worlds most expensive phono preamplifiers, but the CORTESE LCR is the only moving coil capable LCR phono preamp. Incredible sound, incredible value.  Custom Built SUPRATEK CORTESE LCR phono preamplifier.

 With nearly 30 years of phono pre-amplifier design and production the 2019 LCR phono preamp is the finest product to come from the famous Supratek line up of high end tube preamplifiers.   Hand built in Australia from the finest components, the Cortese has evolved over many years to be among the most advanced and highest performing tube phono preamplifiers available, with performance matching , and surpassing other preamps costing ten times the price. 

Designed solely for moving coil cartridges , the Cortese is possibly the quietest high gain phono stage available.  While other manufacturers resort to dynamic robbing step-up transformers to achieve gain for low output MC cartridges the Cortese uses an all active tube phono design that gives maximum dynamics and quiet noise free operation.  Moving coil cartridges with outputs as low as 0.1mV can be used with no need for a step up transformer , with the high levels of dynamic ease that comes from an active design. 

The Cortese phono stage has always been renowned for its open and musical yet accurate sound and the LCR implementation brings higher levels of 3D imaging and soundstaging.   The line-stage is of equally high calibre , with high gain , which is adjustable to suit any power amplifier, and low output impedance enabling it to drive any, or multiple power amps.  It uses the famous, and perhaps the finest preamp tube ever built- the venerable 6SN7. The Supratek linestage is not a warm "tube" sounding preamp but a state of the art design that is accurate and detailed, and has a uncanny knack of bringing out the very best sound from your system and room. Its a "big/open" sound, but very controlled and realistic. 

The Cortese has its own seperate power supply which is incredibly over-engineered and robust to ensure many years of reliable operation. The famous Supratek "sound" is partly derived from the tube shunt regulators , one for each channel,  built into the power supply.   True balanced XLR and 3x RCA outputs with 5 RCA inputs are provided or can be custom built to owners specifications.   Sound quality of this calibre has previously only been available at 5 figure values and from $US5000 the Supratek LCR Cortese is the best value in true ultra hi-end hifi . Combined with stunning million dollar looks , and reliability that has been proved over many years the Cortese is a once in a lifetime purchase that will please your ears and eyes indefinitely.  
Supratek takes great pride in forming long term relations with owners and there are many happy owners who have owned a Supratek preamplifier for decades , many preamps with the original tubes. They describe the Supratek preamp as the basis, and essential component of their systems. 

While pleased that Supratek preamps are considered to be true classics they are also state of the art designs that will rival any preamplifier available today. Time and again they have proven to be the link that brings a system and room alive with uplifted dynamics, openness, 3D imagery and a real sense of musicality.  


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