LinnAV-5125usedLinn AV-5125I picked up this Linn AV-5125 locally a few months back and have been using it to drive my PSB Stratus Goldi 4ohm towers for the past few months. I had just purchased (for retail $) a new Emotiva A...575.00

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I picked up this Linn AV-5125 locally a few months back and have been using it to drive my PSB Stratus Goldi 4ohm towers for the past few months. I had just purchased (for retail $) a new Emotiva A-5175 5-channel amp before coming across this av5125, so I can't justify keeping this amp even though I do think it sounds better than the A-5175 amp. Hence the reason for selling.
Internally, the amp is 100% functional with no known issues. It drives my power-hungry PSBs with ease. I imagine I'd do some serious damage to my ears if I got close to clipping with this amp, so I've never tried, nor has it ever clipped. I was using 4 of the 5 channels (bi-wired) when I had the amp hooked up to my PSB's, all channels working flawlessly. The 5th channel works without any issues as well. RCA unbalanced inputs into my Emotiva MC-700 worked flawlessly as well for all channels. The amp also has a "line-out" RCA on each channel for daisy chaining channels with another amp. To be honest, I've never used/tested these line-outs but have no reason to believe there'd be any issues with those, as everything else on the amp is fully operational.
Externally, the amp has some scuffs and scrapes, predominately on the top of the metal case. The pictures capture these pretty well. Most of these are scuffs, not "scrapes", i.e. the paint is not fully chipped off to expose the aluminum. There is one minor, dime-sized dent on the left side but isn't that noticeable. The metal case is held onto the bottom by 4 screws. By removing these 4 screws, the case will slide off. Refinishing/buffing the case should only be a 2-hour project if you so desire, and should get this bad boy looking 100% new. I was going to do it myself, but thought I'd list it as-is first. Note that Linn actually mailed me 4 new rubber feet on 1/3/2020. I'm waiting to receive those rubber feet to replace the temporary gray sliders seen in the picture. If the amp is purchased before I receive and install, I will re-address the envelope to purchaser's address. Installation of the feet should be as simple as peel and stick (or glue on, not quite sure). The 4 new feet should be the same as the 2 back black rubber feet seen in the pic (which are the originals).
Includes: Amp A power cord (I don't think it's the original linn power cord just FYI) 10 BFA connectors...2 per channel (will include unless I hear otherwise)
Note: This amp does not include any active cards, and I do not think it has the Dynamik power supply option/upgrade that came out later. Based on the sticker on the inside of the amp, I believe the amp was manufactured in 05/2005. See the picture of internals.
From the Linn information sheet:

❙  Five adaptive demand driven channels of Class V modular power amplification.
❙  High density Switch Mode Power Supply and Class V amplification.
❙  500W power output into 8 Ohms.
❙  Power amplifier power saving standby mode.
❙  Accepts internal active cards.
❙  Bi–wireable loudspeaker outputs.
❙  Additional line out for daisy-chaining channels.
❙  Switchable voltage ranges for worldwide operation.

The Linn AV 5125 5-channel Class V modular power amplifier features the latest Linn Switch Mode Power Supply and amplification technology. The AV 5125 is designed to provide a compact high density amplification solution capable of delivering pitch accurate sound quality for multi-channel home theatre and multi-channel music. The amplifier’s cosmetics match other Linn AV 51 system components.

The AV 5125 adaptive demand driven output enables up to 500 Watts of total power to be delivered into 8 Ohms. Each channel can deliver upon demand up to 125 Watts into 8 Ohms or 230 Watts into 4 Ohms with the proviso that the total power requirement of all the driven channels does not exceed the equivalent of 500 Watts into 8 Ohms. Class V operation ensures high quality sonic performance, cool running reliable operation from a powerful, lightweight and compact package. Signal sensing operation enables the amplifier to revert to standby when not in use thereby reducing power consumption.

The AV 5125 5-channel Class V power amplifier accepts Linn standard active cards ready for easy upgrade, to address a very wide range of high fidelity, passive and active, cinema and music applications.

Technical Specs:
❙  Introduced: 2000
❙  Type: 5-channel Class V modular power amplifier 
❙  Voltage range: 115 > 230 VAC
❙  Power consumption in standby: 10W
❙  Maximum total power output: 1000W into 8 Ohms
❙  Maximum power output per channel: 230W into 4 Ohms and 125W into 8 Ohms
❙  Dimensions: H 75mm x W 381mm x D 354mm / H 3 inches x W 15 inches x D 14 inches
❙  Weight: 5kg (11lbs)

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