RaidhoX-1usedRaidho X-1Raidho X-1 speakers in perfect condition. Note, the pictures show some slight dust particles on the top of one of the speakers which I didn't notice until after I posted. The finish is perfect on ...3250.00

Raidho X-1 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Raidho X-1 speakers in perfect condition.  Note, the pictures show some slight dust particles on the top of one of the speakers which I didn't notice until after I posted. The finish is perfect on each speaker. I purchased these to use in a home office, but ended up going with their bigger brothers, the C.1s.  These are in brand new condition, in their original box.  Their size belies their incredible sound.  Here's what the Robert Harley from The Absolute Sound has to say: "Raidho’s X-1 must be the smallest speaker I’ve ever reviewed. With a 4" woofer/midrange mated to Raidho’s ribbon tweeter, the X-1 can nearly be held in an outstretched hand. So what made me want to review the X-1 after hearing it at last year’s Newport show? And what could justify the X-1’s $6400 price?  In a word, the Raidho ribbon. The X-1 brings you exactly the same hand-made ribbon tweeter found in Raidho’s $240,000 flagship D-1 (Jonathan Valin’s reference). This is one of the greatest high-frequency transducers yet devised, combining stunning speed, detail, and resolution on the one hand, with a silky smoothness and ease on the other. If you’ve listened exclusively to dome tweeters for any length of time, the Raidho ribbon arrives as some kind of revelation. Nearly all dome tweeters exhibit a metallic hardness in the top end that fosters the impression of the treble existing independently of the rest of the audio spectrum—as if the treble were riding on top of the music rather than being an extension of the same musical fabric. There’s none of that with the Raidho ribbon. The top end’s integration with the upper-midrange is seamless, allowing the speaker to reproduce timbres with a rich density of tone color by virtue of banishing the brittle patina that domes add to instrumental and vocal textures. And then there’s the ethereal quality the ribbon brings to instruments and voices, both spatially and texturally. Images seem to exist in space, unencumbered by the electromechanical contrivance creating them. This is particularly vivid on background vocals, which float behind and, in some cases, seemingly above the lead vocals. When used as intended, in a smallish room at moderate playback levels, the X-1 is nothing short of stunning. The treble resolution, transient performance, soundstaging, liquidity, smoothness, ease, and freedom from etch are world-class—which is saying a lot in a $6400 speaker. The X-1’s reproduction of the human voice, in particular, is uncannily realistic. If you have the appropriate application and expectations, I don’t think that you’ll find a finer sub-compact loudspeaker than the Raidho X-1."
If you are looking for a truly exceptional listening experience with incredibly detailed sound, look no further.


Driver complement: 100mm (4") ceramic mid/woofer, sealed ribbon tweeter
Frequency response: 80Hz–50kHz
Impedance: 6 ohms
Crossover: 3.5kHz, second-order
Loading: Bass-reflex
Finish: Piano black
Dimensions: 145 x 320 x 230mm (5.7" x 12.6" x 9")
Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs.)
Price: $6400 (stands are an additional $900)

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