Stealth Audio CablesM-7 Silver 7 Layer RibbonusedStealth Audio Cables M-7  Silver 7 Layer Ribbon 1mtrExcellent Stealth Audio Cables 'M-7' interconnects (also know as 'Magnificent 7'). 1 meter pair. Original price over $800. One of the Stealth's most musically resolving, it is constructed of...250.00

Stealth Audio Cables M-7 Silver 7 Layer Ribbon 1mtr [Expired]

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Excellent Stealth Audio Cables 'M-7' interconnects (also know as 'Magnificent 7'). 1 meter pair.  Original price over $800.   

One of the Stealth's most musically resolving, it is constructed of seven stacked layers of pure silver ribbon.  RCAs are Cardas SLVR silver plated RCAs.  Very light use (one owner). 

M-7 Magnificent Seven: Seven individually insulated pure silver conductors, ultra-thin central silver conductor, porous Teflon dielectric, Cardas or WBT 0147 or Neutrik Pro-Fi RCA or Neutrik XLR connectors, air-tight epoxy seal; standard double shielding.

As a dealer of Acoustic Zen cables for many years, and with very good ears, I honestly was not able to distinguish between these and the highly acclaimed AZ Silver Reference II interconnects that retailed for around $1000.  The M-7s are excellent interconnects. 

I have just carefully cleaned the RCAs of any oxidation, then treated then with Nekken Pro contact enhancer, containing diamond dust, carbon, and squalane oil.  This very fine sound-enhancing treatment sold for $90 per half once.  Cables are all ready to be installed.  

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"I’ve owned and listened to many cables over the years. Now only Stealth give me what I want. Every year Serguei has sent me something new to listen to and without a doubt every year he completely blows my mind. This man knows something or is damn lucky because his cables take music to a higher level. I think he knows something, understands something that most other designers have no clue about. His first cable was the FLR. The Cross Wrapped Silver that followed just demolishes the FLR, and then the M-7 was a real breakthrough, a serious breakthrough that brought the space and dimension I never thought possible."

-Hugh Mandeson, Music Lover and Audio Engineer, Santa Barbara Sound and Recording.


From Audio Asylum

Posted by jurisprudent (A) on June 15, 2003 at 07:42:15

"This is a review of the following STEALTH cables and power cords as they appear in my current reference system:

  • Stealth M7 from phono to preamp
  • Reference system
  • Well Tempered Turntable with upgraded arm/Grado Reference II cartridge
  • Full Modwright Sony 9000ES CD/SACD/DVD player
  • Modified Counterpoint 5.1 preamplifier
  • Homebrew EL 34 based monoblocks with Magnequest transformers and Mullard original EL34s
  • Blue Circle 1200 Balanced Power conditioner
  • Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1.5i speakers
  • Room dimensions: roughly 30x18x9
I have spent most of the last two years auditioning cables and power conditioners having finally settled (if only temporarily) on an overall music playback system to my liking. I auditioned at least fifteen different kinds of interconnects, five or six speaker cables and at least as many power cords and conditioners. Among the brands I considered were Audio Magic Sorcerer, Mapleshade, Music Metre, Nordorst, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Zu, Analysis Plus, Harmonic Technology, RS Cable and more. In each case I had the most well regarded of the manufacturers with the exception of Nordorst as I lacked the means to consider Valhalla.

... Here are my findings: individually and collectively, beginning with the former:

The M7 is a remarkably good silver IC that will strike many as in the same general league as the Acoustic Zen reference. It is smooth, clear, completely coherent, musically satisfying, and altogether lacking in edge. It does a wonderful job of expressing the nuance and inner detail of music. It worked well in every part of the chain, and is an absolute bargain at the price for which it can be purchased on the market. I would not hesitate to wire an entire system with M7. It was in fact the very first silver IC that worked well between preamp and amp for me."