MSB TechnologyM200usedMSB Platinum M200 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Silver/Gold): EXCELLENT-Trade-In; 1 Year Wrnty; 67% OffMSB Platinum M200 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Silver/Gold): EXCELLENT-Trade-In; 1 Year Warranty; 67% OffMSRP: $17,500.00 USD/PairpcX Price: $75799.95 USD/Pair - 67% Off "Sonically, the M200s are th...5799.95

MSB Platinum M200 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Silver/Gold): EXCELLENT-Trade-In; 1 Year Wrnty; 67% Off [Expired]

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MSB Platinum M200 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Silver/Gold): EXCELLENT-Trade-In; 1 Year Warranty; 67% Off

MSRP: $17,500.00 USD/Pair

pcX Price: $75799.95 USD/Pair - 67% Off

"Sonically, the M200s are the least solid-state sounding amp I've ever heard. They sound very neutral and absolutely grain-free. I've heard solid-state amps that are more resolving (Soulution), but tend towards lean and clinical. Perhaps the closest comparison to these amps sonically are Pass XA series amps, although I haven't compared side-by-side so shall not speculate further. From mids on highs, these amps are unmatched in my opinion. They do have the "illuminated from within" quality you get with tubes, but not at all pronounced where you hear this sonic character on every track. At first the M200s won't seem to have a discernable signature beyond sounding "natural" -- and it's only when you compare the M200s to the lifeless hyper-detail of SS/class D amps playing vocals that you'll realize that "breath of life" with the M200 is a slightly warm, sun-lit illumination, not a "cold, flourescent light". Moreover, the sonic fabric is closer to SETs in the sense of having a seamless continuity throughout. On bass, there are solid-state amps that would sound "tighter" and have a higher damping factor, whereas the MSBs have an ease and naturalness to bass, never wooly or loose though, as extension and resolution is there but not sacrificed for the sake of grip or slam. If your listening tends towards electric-driven/electronic music, then you may not care about these qualities. However, if you listen to much acoustic-oriented, classical, jazz or even rock, then this is the amp that for me has bridged both tubes and solid-state, bringing the best qualities of both worlds. If you're a tube lover but want to take a break away from tubes and not feel compromised, then these amps may be a great fit for you!"

SPECIFICATIONS True Balanced (XLR) Input Impedance 36kOhm Single-Ended (RCA)Input Impedance 18kOhm Input Sensitivity: 4.34 Vpp @ 200W (High Gain +28db) 8.68 Vpp @ 200W(Low Gain +22db) Common Mode Range:+/- 20 V Max. Linear Input Range:10 Vpp Max. Input Voltage:20 Vpp Transistors:All Bi-Polar Feedback:0 Negative Local Feedback, 0 Negative Global Feedback Damping Factor:80 Signal to Noise Ratio:>120 dB Power Rating: >200 Watts at 8 Ohms, 400 watts into 4 Ohms Capable of driving a 1 Ohm load Static Power Consumption: 250 Watts Filter Capacitance: 220,000 µf Transformers: Dual 600W Toroidal Transformers. Dimensions: 12" diameter, 18" tall, 90 LBS Control Features: - Switch for Balanced or Single-ended operation. - Lighted switch for On-Standby-Off


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