JolidaGlass FX Tube DAC DSDnewJolida FX Tube DAC DSD New DAC-Preamp with warrantyJolida is changing their name to Black ice Audio. I have bought the last few Jolida badged FX Tube DAC DSD Tube DAC/Preamp's with headphone amp. Save ...499.00

Jolida FX Tube DAC DSD New DAC-Preamp with warranty [Expired]

no longer for sale

                       Jolida is changing their name to Black ice Audio.

I have bought the last few Jolida badged FX Tube DAC DSD Tube DAC/Preamp's with headphone amp.

                   Save $200.00 until they are gone.

    Named as one of the best under $1000.00 DAC's by The Absolute Sound

          Free freight to the lower 48 states

                   Add $40.00 to Canada

            Worldwide sales are $499.00 + exact freight

        6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal.

The FX Tube DAC DSD is a tube DAC with preamp and headphone amp. It can be used as a preamp directly into a power amp for digital only systems or just a quality tube DAC with headphone amp.

In the Arizona Audio Club shootout with 10 DAC's including the $6000.00 PS DSD DAC the FX Tube DAC DSD won. They summed with: "However, in the fourth session which was made up solely of the preceding three session winners-Chord Qutest, Schiit Yggy and Jolida Black Ice Glass FX DSD.
It was nearly a dead  heat.

1st Place:   Black Ice Glass FX DSD Wifi 

2nd Place: Qutest

3rd Place:  Schiit Yggy

Read the entire info on the AZ website under DAC it out at:

Here is a customer comment:

I received my new Jolida Dac today and I must say OMG.  These Navis speakers sound good through my other equipment but the new Jolida/Black Ice dac is blowing me away.  They now are truly audiophile quality sound.  The soundstage is incredible and the mids and lows are too sweet to describe.  Thanks again for your help.  You have NEVER steered me wrong.  MT

The Jolida FX Tube DAC DSD is our current favorite inexpensive tube DAC. They are available in silver & black.
The FX Tube DAC DSD uses ESA Clarity caps from England and a Burr Brown 1795 DAC chip. The Hi Rez 32 bit 384kk USB chip is excellent. The DAC has the warmer liquid midrange of tubes. It has very good bass and extension for a product at this price. It also has a very nice soundstage.

We also ship these worldwide in 220/240 volts.

We can also get the Wifi version for an additional $200.00 as it is labeled Black Ice.

Technical Specifications:
Output Level: 0 V to 2.3V (±1dB, 47K ohms) (SIN SIGNAL 0dB SPDIF IN)
Frequency Response:
20-20 KHz (±0.5dB)
Bandwidth: 10Hz to 70kHz + 1dB
>90dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Dynamic Range:
126 dB
Distortion THD:
Less than 0.01% (1kHz)
Headphone Impedance:
30 Ohms
Circuit Type:
Ultra Linear, Class AB
Tube Complement: 2 pcs. 12AX7 pre-amplifier
Dimensions: 8 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 3 inches high
7.5 lbs net, approximately 10 lbs. packaged

Construction Details & Features

  • Amplification of Analog Signal done exclusively via Vacuum tubes.
  • PCM: 32Bit/384KHz
  • DSD: DSD 64/DSD 128
  • Asynchronous Burr Brown Chip AD1896
  • DAC Chip: PCM 1795
  • R Style Transformer
  • State of the Art Components: capacitor filters, gold plated RCA jacks,
  • Finishes: Black and Silver

Read our AudiogoN #1 rated 13,300 points of feedback and buy with confidence.

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