10 OctaveLP-1Rused10 Octave LP-1R remote tube preampSelling a virtually new 10 Octave LP-1R remote tube preamp. Used to evaluate and never sold. Will come with the factory warranty. The LP1R is a remote controlled tube line stage with enough gain to...750.00

10 Octave LP-1R remote tube preamp [Expired]

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Selling a virtually new 10 Octave LP-1R remote tube preamp. Used to evaluate and never sold. Will come with the factory warranty.

The LP1R is a remote controlled tube line stage with enough gain to drive amplifiers to their maximum output. The LP1R is perfect for the high end, minimalist audiophile. Many enthusiasts in this sector of the audio hobby, enjoy the benefits that come with the K.I.S.S principal, of keeping signal paths short and completely analog. The current LP1 is a minimalist audiophile dream. Even the volume control is manual with no motor or digital circuits contained within the heavy, rigid-steel solid chassis.

  • Gain: 19dB
  • Maximum output: 20Vrms
  • Distortion: less than 0.5% THD at 1.0 Vrms output
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz to 20Khz +- 0.6dB (input 2V)
  • Dimension: 17w x 12.5D x 4H inches

  • Weight: 18 lbs.

  • Made in Georgia, USA

Here is a user comment:

This preamp is MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!This preamp is fantastic. I've had it working with two different amplifiers. The Sunfire 400 by 5, and the Carver 275. It was spectacular with both. Excellent detail, imaging, sound stage. Presence is exceptional. It puts you right in the studio with the band. Excellent 3d Soundstage. Great bottom end that really seems to extend the bass. The build quality is exceptional. You're not going to find anything put together with more care and attention to detail. This is a great match with just about anything, but it really pairs exceptionally well with the 275 tube amp. Fantastic combination. Sounded great with the Cornwall's, the Monitor Audio's and the Vandersteens. This is BY FAR my favorite system that I've owned. And about as good as any I've heard.
I cannot say enough about this preamp. Phenomenal. It does everything well. I can’t find a single shortcoming. It does a tremendous job with detail and imaging. Presents a great soundstage. Wide and deep. One thing I have particularly noticed about it, is its tremendous bass control. It seems to tighten up what might normally be “sloppy” bass. I would recommend this to anyone.

TravMidwest USA

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