Sigma AcousticsOrchestra 2.3 usedSigma Acoustics Orchestra 2.3 . Trades welcomeThis is the magnificent Sigma Orchestra 2.3 in maple ,all internal crossover wiring us with all custom WG wiring . RMAF 2018 loudspeaker of choice by Peter Breuninger as well as highly touted by St...10000.00

Sigma Acoustics Orchestra 2.3 . Trades welcome [Expired]

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This is the magnificent Sigma Orchestra 2.3 in maple ,all internal crossover wiring us with all custom WG wiring . RMAF 2018 loudspeaker of choice by Peter Breuninger as well as highly touted by Stereophile Jason Victor Sernius .  You are buying the exact loudspeaker showcased in RMAF 2018 and 19 . The price includes shipping to U.S and Canada as well as PayPal costs.  You will be amazed and not only the sound of this magnificent efficient three way bass reflex  90.5 db driver but your wife will lock the look. It is not only a major player up to the 50 k line but esthetically is the most beautiful speaker we've seen and everyone in RMAF agreed that it is Italian design through and through. It is a tri wire capable speaker that can easily be driven with low watt tube sand powerful solid state amps not to mention a combination of both for perfect delivery. The high frequency tweeter its an AMT Heil , frequency response is 28Hz - 24000 Hz and it will deliver smooth voices as easily as bombastic orchestra with equal footing of ease in jazz music finesse . Rock music lovers rejoin as well .This baby plays everything while looking beautiful.  Cabinet Construction : There beautiful cabinet takes 8 to 10 days of shaping the wood using artisan violin makers from Cremona Italy .The shape of this loudspeaker is not for beauty only but to deter from vibration anomalies within the cabinet structure . The strings uses ay they top unit enclosure goes through the cabinet tuning the internal cabinet vibration. The frame enclosing Heil AMT is not for looks but it is an acoustics box doing magic to your sound. The metal decoration in the center of the cabinet going up and down in gold finish is also a vibration reducer. The to engraving and lines are to help mid bass driver to deliver clean and tight bass. Aldo Zaninelo the designer of this loudspeaker spent better than 10 years perfecting the design of this speaker and this is why in europe and Asia this brad has won so many Loudspeaker of the year awards . This is fanatical design objective that is artistic in principals, This speaker does not look like a coffin. We all will die someday and end up in some kind of box .Lets not listen to a coffin.  Drivers : Sigma is using the famed Heil AMt  for midrange .Midrange is an Accuton  Ceramic inverted dome and bass driver is a 26 cm Cone specially designed for Sigma and its a Scanspeak revelatory. Crossover frequencies are 150Khz to 1.9 Hz , first order (6 db Octave )  power handling is 180 watts but it has been played with up to 500 watts solid states and the bass driver did not move at all . You can see the video posted by Peter Brueninger of AVshowrooms on Youtube headline Audio Logic , Sigma Acoustics Loudspeaker to see the exact loudspeaker you are buying. To be clear the speaker has been to two shows and been boxed in custom flight cases since and has not been played . Reason for the sale is medical and life issues. The speaker will blow away the buyer or your money back. This speaker at the selling price is a bargain. In Italy during shows this pair was the one that the wives looked at and told their husbands to just buy them and they were on STATIC DISPLAY folks. Ive never seen any wives excited over speakers . These are works of art. We are closing and are selling all of our components . we will accept trade ins as well as watches . Please do not low ball this price . It will put every coffin you've ever bough or currently own to shame. So just dump your ugly black box and live happily ever after with this magnificent work of Italian art. The price include the flight case ($3500 option ) .  This one retails for $38,750.00 not to mention the $3500 flight case . PS , WE cover shipping costs to U.S and Canada , worldwide shipping costs will be paid by buyer . PPS: We will deliver this speaker on pallets wrapped and secured so do not worry .There is no chance if damage.  PPPS : Speakesr weigh 138 lbs each .  Speakers are 10 inches wide by 22 inches deep by 40.5 inches high.  1357 people visited the room and they all universally called the speaker gorgeous Italian work of art and though it was the best sound in the show . AVS and JVS also thought so .  If you are a local La or OC buyer I can deliver and setup the speakers after Feb 10th .   There are several reviews online as well from Hong Kong , Italy and Spain . Thanks for looking . Call me to chat if you have any questions.  Kevin 714-906-2457 PS TRADES ARE WELCOME but within reason .  Buyer pays PayPal fees unless you use wire or check.  OC and So Cal residents can pick up locally if they prefer .


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