Meyer SoundX-10usedMeyer Sound X-10“The Meyer Sound X-10 is the biggest sleeper pick in the world of high end loudspeakers on the market today “. So said Jerry Del Colliano of HTReview, and it’s true. No other consumer speaker plays...21850.00

Meyer Sound X-10

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“The Meyer Sound X-10 is the biggest sleeper pick in the world of high end loudspeakers on the market today “. So said Jerry Del Colliano of HTReview, and it’s true. No other consumer speaker plays as loudly and as dynamically as the Meyer Sound X-10. Period. Some in the audiophile community consider them a bargain at the original price of $27850.00 EACH!  Now, the legend is available at a true bargain price for LESS than HALF of what they were brand new, priced now at $21,850/pair, and they are simply sublime!  I am listing these for the widow of a departed friend of mine who was a truly dedicated audiophile.  In addition to these Meyer Sound X-10, he had quite a collection of extremely high level audio equipment that I will be listing separately, including a dCS Rossini/Paganini stack, ML 532h(x2), ML 432, ML 326s (x2), ML LNC-2L crossover and JBL 4350b's which have already sold.  I prefer local pickup but will crate and ship for actual costs if that’s your only option, but at a little over 200# each, it could get spendy, but it will be done right. Powerful, yet relatively compact, the self-powered X-10 exhibits extremely low distortion, near-perfect impulse response and uniform dispersion across a wide listening area. Also, by employing cutting-edge control technology adapted from avionics, the X-10 demonstrates an extraordinarily linear response characteristic: the frequency response curve does not change with variations in monitoring levels. From the threshold of audibility up to full output, the X-10 provides an accurate, detailed and consistently linear representation of the input signal. ● PSACTM (Pressure Sensing Active Control - patent pending) ● Patented HF driver and wave guide ● Soffit mount or freestanding ● RMSTM (Remote Monitoring System) compatible ● X-800 subwoofer option for extended headroom To achieve the design goals of the X-10 project, Meyer Sound engineers first confronted the tradeoffs inherent in high level reproduction of low frequencies. Recent trends in large room monitors have emphasized dual 15- or 18-inch woofers. However, when operating above 250Hz, dual woofers produce destructive comb filtering effects. But placing the LF crossover below 250Hz normally requires a three- or four-way system, which in turn introduces the inevitable phase distortion complexities of multiple crossover points. In order to achieve an impulse response exceeding that of electrostatics and Meyer's own patented HD-1 near-field monitor, Meyer Sound engineers opted for a two-way design with a single LF driver crossing over at 500Hz. In order to produce low frequency output equivalent to dual woofer designs, Meyer first developed and manufactured a new, high output linear 15-inch driver. This robust woofer utilizes a long excursion, 4-inch diameter voice coil suspended in a high intensity (1.5 million Maxwell 1) field generated by dual concentric rings of neodymium magnets. It also employs a unique suspension to maintain linear response by holding the voice coil in linear regions of the gap.
The product of over two years of development in Meyer Sound's anechoic chamber, the X-10 high frequency system marks a significant achievement in the coordinated design of extremely low distortion driver and waveguide - both patented. (The X-10 system measured significantly lower distortion than all other units tested in an extensive analysis of horn/driver combinations from dozens of manufacturers.) The X-10 also lacks the characteristic "horn signature" of previous similar designs; many listeners find that the exceptionally smooth, open response compares favorably to HF systems employing soft dome tweeters. The compression driver, Meyer Sound's own 2010, features a 4-inch aluminum alloy diaphragm with optimized dome topology for higher output levels at the upper frequency limits. Neodymium magnets generate the intense field required for extended frequency response. The patented Constant Q waveguide maintains a uniform dispersion pattern at all frequencies, with no lobing apparent even when measured at 1/12 octave resolution. The result is stable imaging with a wide "sweet spot." Both transducers are driven by Class AB/H complementary power MOSFET amplifiers, with 620W available for the HF section and 1200W for the LF section. Class AB/H topology strikes an ideal balance between ample power reserves and sonic purity, with all devices operating as Class A below 40W nominal output. The control electronics package, refined from experience gained with the HD-1, includes an active crossover with pole-zero response correction filters and loudspeaker protection that remains completely out of circuit except when triggered by inadvertent, potentially damaging overloads. For a more complete overview of these incredible speakers, please refer to the Audio Heritage compendium available here:

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