AGD ProductionAudion MonoblocksnewAGD Production Audion MonoblocksUp for your consideration Is the latest breakthrough in HiFi Amplification. The AGD Audion is an 85W (@8Ohm) monoblock that is capable of supplying 30A of Current. This means its like "Super Class...6800.00

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Up for your consideration Is the latest breakthrough in HiFi Amplification. The AGD Audion is an 85W (@8Ohm) monoblock that is capable of supplying 30A of Current.  This means its like "Super Class A" in terms of current delivery, but the rest of the amp could not be farther away. What I mean is near ZERO heat. (theres not even a heatsink on the amp), Compact size. (no bigger than a baseball cap or NYC Ruben sandwich) Extremely articulate, lucid and detailed as youve ever heard, without harshness fatigue or distortion. Extremely quick transients, with dynamic punch, and can play at low volumes while retaining 100% scale and balance of the music. These Monos are nearly too good to be true. In fact your brain will have a hard time understanding whats going on here since we are conditioned to hearing distortion. You will hear your music, and you will not believe you are actually hearing what you really are hearing. Your mind will tell you "it cant possibly sound this clean and articulate without harshness or fatigue" . My first thought was "whats the catch?" The catch is that you will be buying this amplifier if you love music whatsoever. When teamed with the right speaker that is able to relay this information, the result is nothing short of stunning. You will extract 100% from your recordings. No tweaks needed at all. It was the first amp I did not feel compelled to put up on vibration feet, which says a lot to me.  This alone would be enough to sell a million of these amps, but in never before seen form, these amps have their solid state output circuit on 2 PCB's mysteriously placed inside a KT88 Glass Tube. Thats right an actual Vacuum tube without the vacuum. The output boards are cleverly connected to the 8 pin base of the KT88 and the tube fits into an octal socket just like a tube would and that socket is connected to the main PCB of the amp which contains the analog section as well as the power supply which resides below an internal divider shield to protect the amp section from RF and EMI emission. Inside on the gold plated PCB, is all high quality WIMA and Nichicon Fine Gold and/or Super Through reservoir caps. Output binding posts are WBT Nextgen, and there are both RCA and XLR inputs. The circuit is single ended and so far the majority of my buyers are the most discerning of the Audiophiles,  The S.E.T Crew. The reason is that the AGD sounds closest to a Single Ended Triode, but without all the issues faced from actual old school Vacuum Tube designs. In order to keep the nostalgia alive, the AGD tubes have dark orange LED's inside for the same beautiful glow we know and love. A big part for me about not wanting to let tubes go, is due to the glow. It lets me know the amp is alive and well.   Now the reason why this is possible and how it became. This is the latest class D technology. This in no way means "digital". It means that the classes are given a letter as they are created and become an actual viable product. So Class A is the oldest most inefficient, archaic technology. Its very heavy and very hot. The heat from the amp is an indication of wasted musical energy that is lost as heat instead of music. Class A is a paltry 30% efficient. This means you burn 100 Watts of energy to receive 30 Watts of music. Its quite embarrassing actually.  Does it sound good ?... phew ! its saving grace, as it does sound creamy and smooth and seductive, though it is molasses compared to the AGD. The AGD technology is based on the newest material for semiconductors called Gallium Nitride. It is superior in every way to Silicon and will eventually replace it. So the MOSFET output devices of the AGD are made from Gallium Nirtride. These MOSFETS were made for Military radar and LIDAR among other things. It just so happens they work great for HiFi as well. The only thing is that for HiFi there are different parameters one would optimize on a GaN MOSFET to make it work better then a LIDAR designed MOSFET when used for HiFi. Well AGD understood this due to Founder Alberto Guerra's 30+ years working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry . You may know Fairchild Semi, or Vishay. Albert was able to recognize this opportunity and developed with his team a GaN MOSFET with optimized characteristics for HiFi , and they patented this design, and AGD purchased 100% of the supply of this amazing device. Therefore nobody will be able to come close to how the AGD amp sounds.  You will truly own something cutting edge as well as exclusive. The chassis are made from beautiful custom brushed aluminum with radiused edges, so its not just sheet metal screwed together as some others chose to do it has a milled out logo on the front panel that is enamel filled rather than a typical silk screen or laser etch all too commonly seen. and the tube has a beautiful cylindrical tube cage made from square aluminum. There is also a mirror polished S version for $700 more then the $6800 brushed version. The real kicker is that the amplifiers are designed and made in the USA, and they come in a custom cut high grade pelican flight case along with dual Audio Grade power cables and white gloves to not mar the amps with fingerprints. Ive never seen the care of a package like this for anything under $20K and for $6800 these monos are worth every penny. This goes to show that AGD actually cares about you the buyer and has priced these at the rock bottom possible price. AGD is one of the first companies out of the gate to adopt Integrity Pricing, whereby the price is the price with no discount. It would be very easy to charge $10K for these amps with all the market raising their prices , though this practice is in order to offer discount to entice you to buy. Hopefully you have grown sick of the fake high price in order to discount down to full price model. AGD is about integrity through and through.  You will understand when you receive yours and open them up. Even though the current delivery on these amps allows them to drive Apogee Scintilla, my personal opinion, is to have an 88db speaker minimum for the super dynamic results. There are actually speakers that have been designed for these amps that are a design from a multi Grammy Award winning Recording Engineer and I can also offer them. Together you will hear what it sounds like at the recording console in a World Class Recording Studio. And the speakers are not only gorgeous, but they are reasonably priced with integrity just like the amps.  Go ahead and buy a pair of these amps now, based on my recommendation. Allow me to introduce you to a new world of listening. The one you have been chasing your tail for. It actually exists and you can actually stop the upgrade neuroses.  If you do not know me already, you may determine my credibility after 19 rears in the industry by watching my YouTube Channel which is not a typical sales channel, I give you the inside scoop on the industry and educate you if possible.  Your purchase comes with a 45 day satisfaction guarantee. This is for people who want to spend the $6800 in case it actually does not work out. Its not for people with no intention of buying to get a free demo. I can easily tell the difference. There is no restocking fee for HiFi Tribe Members at my 11stereo website. (no dues or costs )    Shipping is included in continental USA. I take all forms of payment. You may call me at 404-764-6233 Mike Powell
This is an actual paradigm shift in your listening . 
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